Tuesday, November 15, 2016

   Half way thru the month.....whew!!!It's hard to believe the end of the year is so close and the cold weather has finally found us.
   We have started a "Thankful Tree "on our front door and Hunter is pretty proud of. We have a lot to be thankful for,God,family,food,shelter and freedom to just list a few. Today I would like to ask everyone to pray for rain here in N.C. to help with our wildfires and for the safety of all the fire personnel that are working the fires. We are thankful for the emergency personnel because we live about 15 miles from the "Party Rock "fire so we have friends working protecting homes, businesses and people. Our church was set up as an emergency Red Cross shelter and I was honored to watch Hunter, Jacob and several of our youth help set it up.
   Jacob and I are teaching Hunter sign language and Jacob is wanting to learn Cherokee. Any ideas/web sites that any one knows would teach Cherokee please let me know.
   P.E. yesterday consisted of Hunter "sledding" down the hill....no snow needed.LOL!!Crazy kids.
Gotta get my coffee and plan out our "fun" for today. Everyone have a blessed day and be "Thankful".

Thursday, November 10, 2016

   So much to learn about and celebrate in November ( Native American Heritage Month, Election Day, my dad's birthday, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and much more).
   Jacob started the Native American Heritage in October getting to know many of our family in S.C. My side of the family  have Cherokee and Santee while Jacob also has Algonquin from his father's side. We are very proud of our heritage and ancestors and are digging to find out all we can.
   For Election Day Hunter and Jacob "secretly" voted for President, raising taxes, importing illegal people and free ice cream (big YES by both).Jacob spent the day following the election on TV and updating me as to what was happening. Hunter and I made a calming jar to help calm the situation. Ha ha!
   Special flowers have been placed on my dads grave for his birthday and we will put his flag out today for  Veterans day. Very proud to remember all Veterans but love how much Jacob is dedicated to supporting the US Air Force since Dad was Air Force.
   And so we travel along the learning trail. Hope y'all have a blessed day!!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy Fall Y'all
  We've had a lot of fun things going on in our family.A trip to the farmer's market,Dollywood,Pigeon Forge,campfire and Trick or Table at church.
  The farmer's market was a first for Hunter and he got some Honey Sticks like his Uncle Jacob.He didn't like the green apple flavored one so I got it.YUM!!!
  We head to Dollywood as often as we can but the month of October is our favorite month.It's always cooler weather but the best thing is the Harvest Festival.The whole month of October is Gospel music time at the park and Jacob is an avid Gospel music listener ,Southern,Contemporary and ok pretty much any type.I'm very happy that this is how God has led his life and pray he continues to follow where God leads him.This trip we stayed in a different hotel right beside Krispy Kreme Donuts,not sure that was so healthy.LOL!!We also tried a new restaurant for dinner.Quaker Steak, and it was AWESOME.The atmosphere was entertaining with a motorcycle suspended from the ceiling and rotating to corvettes on a car lift raised above the tables.The food was great and reasonably priced so if you've seen a Quaker Steak and not sure about eating there.....DO.
   Saturday we got back from Dollywood in time to pick Hunter up for the campfire and games  at church.There were numerous games that even the adults were involved in but my favorite was "shaving  the balloon".Hunter was very intent on shaving all the cream off without popping his balloon but Ms. Tammy snuck up and popped it.We ended the night with a devotional around the campfire and SMORES.
   Hunter's birthday was also this weekend so we celebrated with chocolate gravy and biscuits and of course cupcakes.
   Trick or Table was fun with a little scare.Our table was the Ten Commandments and Jacob dressed up like Moses.Our church also had soup and cornbread for all.The fellowship was great and to see everyone's different costume was cool.Hunter was Dracula and scared Grams a couple of times.