Monday, January 30, 2017

Time. . . S L O W Down

Today reality hit me. ... my baby is growing up to fast. Being a special needs kiddo I guess I expected Jacob to stay "little". Yes it was hard having the two oldest boys grow up but it feels different with Jacob.
Last week he designed his class ring and today we checked out cap and gowns.He'll be going to Prom next week that's sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation so shopping we will go.
Next will be college visits,which kinda makes Momma nervous but I know God has it all planned for us.
Love those babies and keep them small as long as you can.

Monday, January 23, 2017

3 Days Post Op

    Well we survived nose/sinus surgery and he seems to  be doing pretty well.Jacob's main complaint....I can't blow my nose and I need to.
    I was expecting him to come home with bandages on his face and bruising by Saturday but neither one.A little swelling of his nose(not noticeable) and he's noticed some dark circles under his eyes(again not noticeable to me).He can't bend over or lift anything heavy so Mom has to pick up anything he drops and he tried getting me to carry his pack of cookies because he couldn't lift anything.LOL!!Glad to see he's still got his sense of humor.By yesterday he was getting a little stir crazy so I walked with him down to his Grandma's.While we were there he said he had a meeting at church to go to(Children,Youth and Parents) but it was already time for the meeting.Maybe next meeting.
    He asked me why he was sleeping so much so a learning moment was seized.This has been a learning surgery for him from pre-op thru the healing process.He maybe almost 18 but he has kept him mommy close the last three days.Thankful for all the prayers,messages and text....put a BIG smile on my baby's face. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Eve of Surgery

   This is the eve of Jacob's next surgery.He's no stranger to surgeries,having his first one at seven months for Hydrocephalous and his ninth one two years ago for Hydrocephalous.I think as a parent no matter how many surgeries you've gone through with your children there's always worries and stress.Jacob was able to help make the decision for this surgery he'll be having in the morning.He has had reoccurring sinus infections and serious throat clearing issues for about the last year and a half.After exhausting every antibiotic and several other meds thinking it was acid reflux his ENT did CT # 2 and saw that Jacob's crooked septum had gotten worse and a polyp had grown bigger.So Friday January 20,2017 hopefully will be the end of his infections and throat clearing issues.
   Tonight his grandmother and I took him to The Carolina Gospel Associations concert with The Carolina Quartet,The Pine Ridge Boys and The LeFevres .His love for Gospel music, Southern and Contemporary,makes this Mamma a happy person. It was a great concert and it helped take his mind off the surgery for a brief time.Afterwards we hit the grocery store because he's hungry and only has a couple hours to eat(typical teenage boy).
   We are home,his belly full and watching some T.V. So as I close this post on the eve of surgery I ask for prayers as we travel up and down the mountain tomorrow,prayers for Dr.Rheney,Jacob and a speedy recovery.Thanks to all and goodnight.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

First Snow of The Year

So excited for the first snow of the year and my best friend from Florida came up.This is the first snow of the year and the first time my friend and her daughter and grandsons first time seeing snow. I can't get out and play with them in the snow but to watch their faces while playing makes it all worth while.