Friday, April 28, 2017

Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”

Drive Thru History
Drive Thru History® has been on my radar for awhile but I hadn't had a chance to start the series so

when I got the opportunity to watch and write a review on Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” I

was ecstatic. Trying to teach History to Jacob can sometimes be challenging but with this series he

was asking to watch the DVDs. Especially on rainy, cold days, which we've had a lot we'd grab a

blanket, kick back, watch the

DVDs and learn some History about the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).

You're probably asking "How can you drive thru History?" Keep reading, check out the program and

see how.

Drive Thru History The Gospels

We were excited when the package came that day and Jacob immediately had to open it.Once opened

there was a faux-leather book that held three DVDs and a study guide for the course. The DVDs

contain 18 video lessons that are 30 minutes each for a total of nine viewing hours. There are various

ways The Gospels curriculum can be used not just for homeschooling. The Gospels would be an

awesome small group study, church study or even a Sunday School study for humans of all ages. The

recommended age range for The Gospels is 5th grade through adults but younger humans will enjoy


Drive Thru History The Gospels

Dave Stotts host the Drive Thru History® series (The Gospels, The Holy Land, American History

and Ancient History) and makes History fun and interesting. He speeds through over 50 sites in

Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” to show some incredible History and make you want to hop on

a plane to go check it out yourself. Each episode makes you wanting to watch the next to see where

Dave journeys to.

Episode 1: The Historical Landscape

Episode 2: The Announcements

Episode 3: Jesus is Born

Episode 4: Jesus Grows Up

Episode 5: Jesus Starts His Ministry

Episode 6: Jesus Returns to Galilee

Episode 7: Jesus Begins His Miracles

Episode 8: Jesus Teaches with Authority

Episode 9: The Sermon on the Mount

Episode 10: Jesus Travels the Sea of Galilee

Episode 11: Jesus Travels North

Episode 12: A Final Trip to Jerusalem

Episode 13: Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem

Episode 14: The Last Supper

Episode 15: The Trial of Jesus

Episode 16: The Crucifixion of Jesus

Episode 17: The Resurrection of Jesus

Episode 18: Who is Jesus?

Drive Thru History The Gospels

After watching each episode we worked on the study guide which gives a summary of each one,

Bible reading and five questions to discuss. After the discussion questions we liked reading the "Side

Road" which gives a little more information on what was in that lesson.

Drive Thru History The Gospels
So do you want to Drive Thru History® now? Even though Jacob will be graduating high school this

year we will continue The Gospels curriculum and watch other series that Dave has out. Love that he

adds jokes and fun with serious learning. One episode he showed you how to make Texas Car-b-

Que.Yes you read it right!!!So jump in, run or however you roll and Drive Thru History®

Drive Thru History The Gospels

Remember to link up with Drive Thru History® on social media to stay in the know of what

great, new things are happening.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

College Whirlwind.....

  Well the college tour whirlwind started yesterday with our first visit to Gardner Webb University.

This is a private,Christian,Baptist-related university where Jacob took swimming lessons as a young

boy. I never imagined I'd be taking a tour of it when he got old enough to attend. I have to admit I

was a little nervous, oh who am I kidding A LOT nervous while Jacob was excited. This was our first

stop......personalized parking spot.

    After checking in we got to watch a short video about the school. Video finished and the Assistant

Director of Admissions came in and spoke with us. Jacob got a reality check when he was asked

about ACT and SAT testing. We haven't done any of this testing because up until about 5 months ago

he wasn't going to college. My concern about testing was if there were any kind of accommodations

for his special needs. I came straight home and started researching and YES there's various


     Next came the tour of the campus. Since I'm in a wheelchair and my mother was also with us we

got to take our tour on the golf cart. Beautiful campus and our guide was very informative. We've

attended several Christian Services Organization programs at the student activities building but never

toured the entire campus. Good thing we got to ride the golf cart because I'm not sure we'd have

everyone with us the whole tour.

     Upon returning to the admissions building our guide, Morgan answered our questions and then

prayed with us. She told us how to drive back to the student services building because no trip

anywhere with Jacob is complete without a shirt or souvenir.

Next week two visits....

Planet 316 Review

Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

Planet 316
This was a fun and relaxing review for Planet 316 and the Daily Bible Jigsaw app.
Jacob and I both played on our phones through Google Play in the beginning.  It was a contest between us to see who could finish the puzzle first with the fastest time.  Bonding time!!!  I've started playing it on Facebook because....well I'm old and can't see my phone screen as well as the computer screen.
       There's a new puzzle to play everyday free and for coins you can play other puzzles.  Each puzzle has a cute picture once it's complete and a Bible verse displayed on it.  Above the puzzle area is a bar that displays coins,awards archived puzzles and the bonus button to play more puzzles. 

 Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316
I worked the puzzles without any help in the beginning,which yes took me longer to put the pieces together so Jacob loved that he would beat me. 

After clicking around on the tools bar I started using the "Edges" help to see only those pieces first.  These helps do cost coins which I received 500 coins to use while doing this review. There are ways to earn coins along the way with bonus pieces that glow for a short time.  If you connect this bonus piece with another "cha ching".  I play various games on my phone and Facebook but this one is addicting and uplifting.  I will continue playing long after the review and I've suggested  Daily Bible Jigsaw everyday by sharing my daily jigsaw puzzle with scripture on Facebook(a feature included with the jigsawpuzzleapp).
So if you need some positive downtime that's uplifting grab your phone and puzzle up.Even for busy moms and dads this can be the recharge you need to continue on for the day.  ENJOY!!!!

 Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316
Options for playing Daily Bible Jigsaw
Google Play (Android Devices)
Apple App Store (iOS Devices)
Facebook (Mac or PC computer web browser...Chrome and Firefox work best)
Facebook Gameroom (PC computer . . . this is Facebook's new PC game platform similar to Steam)
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Thursday, April 20, 2017



    The review of SpeedyPrep couldn't have come at a better time  SpeedyPrep is an online study course to prepare you with taking the CLEP (College Level Examination Program). Jacob will be graduating high school in May and has now decided that he may be interested in going to college. While we haven’t prepared for college this online study program has become our new best friend as he has been taking the Human Growth & Development course.
    Taking and passing the CLEP test shows you know the subject while earning college credit from home . It is credited to your permanent college transcript saving you money and valuable time. Passing the CLEP for each subject eliminates the expense of the tuition for class and books which can be very expensive . If you don’t pass the CLEP the first time you’ll have to wait three to six months before you can try again but SpeedyPrep offers a money back guarantee ass long as you have completed their program 90-100%,
    Included in this study program is unlimited access to all 24 courses in the fields of Science, Business, Foreign Language, History, Literature, Math, Psychology and Human Growth. It can be accessed on any devices connected to Wifi but not on multiple devices at one time. There are various pricing options to choose from: Monthly/$19.95 Quarterly/$53.87 or Yearly/$179.55.
    We incorporated the Human Growth & Development course into our studies three times a week which was a great fit for us.  Seventeen individual sections in this study are available with flash cards which are fill in the blank and some multiple choice. There are videos that are very easy to understand for even Jacob who has some learning and retention issues. These videos aren't long and drawn out so even someone with attention difficulties can maintain during the studies. We did have some difficulties being able to read on some of the videos because the color of the words on the black background but it was verbal as well. After watching the videos Jacob would answer the flash card questions, getting many correct. Questions that were answered incorrectly the correct answer with an explanation will be shown helping to learn/remember the answer. There were some questions that weren’t answered on the video so it was answered incorrectly on the flash card. Each course has a “Progress Bar” that records how you’re progressing. I understand the bar is to help you see your progress but with Jacob he felt like it was never increasing. So some encouragement along the way may be helpful for your student.
    I would recommend SpeedyPrep to anyone whose even thinking they may want to attend college sometime in their life. Graduation has snuck on us and I’m sure there are plenty of parents like me that are asking” Are we prepared for college?” My answer is no but with this study program we’re headed in the right direction. After taking a CLEP  and passing the credits are added to your permanent transcript for 20 years so no worries about expiration.


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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

CompuScholar, Inc. Review

                                                  CompuScholar, Inc.. Review
 We've been given the opportunity to use and review the awesome program called Digital Savvy ( offered by CompuScholar, Inc ( which was formally known as Homeschool Programming .This is an online program and also offers Web Design and Java Programming courses. These courses are offered as Self-Study or Teacher-Led and can be paid for monthly or yearly.

 As we set out on our Digital Savvy adventure Jacob wasn’t too sure about this new course but as we worked through the course he began to enjoy it. I chose Digital Savvy so Jacob and I could learn about computers inside and out.
This course covers fundamental computing topics and skills such as:
Hardware, software and operating systems
Managing files
Basic Networking
Computer Safety and Security
Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations
Exploring Computer Careers
There are Chapters that teach about some of the popular social media sites (Pintrest, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter) and web sites. There are twenty four chapters to learn the many uses of our wonderful technology and Chapter 25 is a final project to show off what was learned during this course. This courses curriculum is a one-year course covering required topics in an “Information Technology” class and aligned to many states specific course standards.
 Each chapter had the lessons broken down into short enough videos and text that Jacob was able to listen and not get lost. At the end of each lesson quizzes that can be attempted three times and the highest grade is kept. Jacob is a Special Needs kiddo so I sat and watched the videos with him them asked him the questions on the quiz, which he did better than me. We did each chapter over a two week period so Jacob could take his time and stay focused. There are also activities to do with every chapter and submitted to your program.
 The Digital Savvy is recommended for grades 6-12 but I would recommend Digital Savvy to anyone, young and old, who have an interest in learning computers or work on beginning programming.  Many people know how to turn a computer on and play games or check email but nothing about what makes up a computer and what makes it work. This course will help you learn to identify parts, inside and out, of a computer. Computer skills are truly a necessity in our technological world and those skills are taught in this course.

 These Computer Science courses can be used for homeschoolers, individual learners and/or small groups. Technical support is available for the course so parents or leaders don’t have to be computer savvy to help their children. So jump on in to the digital world with your kids and enjoy the computer science world.
 This course requires a computer with Windows or Mac and can be accessed with HTML5 web browser found on laptops, computers and tablets making it convenient to learn.

Check out what’s going on in the CompuScholar, Inc. world
Homeschool Programming
Facebook –
Twitter –   @hsprogramming
CompuScholar, Inc   @compuscholar

Digital Savvy, Web Design & Java Programming {CompuScholar,Inc Reviews}

Monday, April 3, 2017

God,Family and Music

Another busy weekend here at Gram's. I'm so blessed that Jacob has a love for Southern Gospel music instead of some of the other "music" out there. That being said my mom and I try to take him to all the concerts that we can so this weekend started with music. Friday night we went to a church to hear The Singing Cooks and The Cook Brothers. It was nice to be in church listening to good music and praising God on a Friday night. Jacob added two CD's to his collection and has requested to order a couple more.
Saturday morning was an early day rising as we had cemetery clean-up at church and family coming from Tennessee and here in NC.We don't get much family visits so it was awesome to have my cousins and family.We all sat around and watched some old family movies and just talked and laughed which I think we all needed.We've had a number of deaths in our family and it was good to see each other for happy times.We finished our evening with another Gospel music concert at the college.Our first time seeing Walking By Faith and we LOVED them.It was Founders Day/Anniversary concert for one of our local radio stations(WWOL) and Primitive Quartet.Jacob has been wanting to see Primitive Quartet for years but something has always kept us from going.Yes more CD's added to the collection as well as signed pictures.His walls are full of autographed pictures,all Gospel/Christian groups.Yes I'm tired but it's so worth it when I get to see Jacob smile.
Sunday was a pretty busy end to our weekend.After church Jacob did his Senior picture shoot and I can hardly wait to get them.My friend Heather was awesome with Jacob(hard to get him to smile).Jacob's having some health issues right now and he had a really bad headache but he did great.
Hope everyone has a blessed Monday.