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    The review of SpeedyPrep couldn't have come at a better time  SpeedyPrep is an online study course to prepare you with taking the CLEP (College Level Examination Program). Jacob will be graduating high school in May and has now decided that he may be interested in going to college. While we haven’t prepared for college this online study program has become our new best friend as he has been taking the Human Growth & Development course.
    Taking and passing the CLEP test shows you know the subject while earning college credit from home . It is credited to your permanent college transcript saving you money and valuable time. Passing the CLEP for each subject eliminates the expense of the tuition for class and books which can be very expensive . If you don’t pass the CLEP the first time you’ll have to wait three to six months before you can try again but SpeedyPrep offers a money back guarantee ass long as you have completed their program 90-100%,
    Included in this study program is unlimited access to all 24 courses in the fields of Science, Business, Foreign Language, History, Literature, Math, Psychology and Human Growth. It can be accessed on any devices connected to Wifi but not on multiple devices at one time. There are various pricing options to choose from: Monthly/$19.95 Quarterly/$53.87 or Yearly/$179.55.
    We incorporated the Human Growth & Development course into our studies three times a week which was a great fit for us.  Seventeen individual sections in this study are available with flash cards which are fill in the blank and some multiple choice. There are videos that are very easy to understand for even Jacob who has some learning and retention issues. These videos aren't long and drawn out so even someone with attention difficulties can maintain during the studies. We did have some difficulties being able to read on some of the videos because the color of the words on the black background but it was verbal as well. After watching the videos Jacob would answer the flash card questions, getting many correct. Questions that were answered incorrectly the correct answer with an explanation will be shown helping to learn/remember the answer. There were some questions that weren’t answered on the video so it was answered incorrectly on the flash card. Each course has a “Progress Bar” that records how you’re progressing. I understand the bar is to help you see your progress but with Jacob he felt like it was never increasing. So some encouragement along the way may be helpful for your student.
    I would recommend SpeedyPrep to anyone whose even thinking they may want to attend college sometime in their life. Graduation has snuck on us and I’m sure there are plenty of parents like me that are asking” Are we prepared for college?” My answer is no but with this study program we’re headed in the right direction. After taking a CLEP  and passing the credits are added to your permanent transcript for 20 years so no worries about expiration.


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