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CompuScholar, Inc. Review

                                                  CompuScholar, Inc.. Review
 We've been given the opportunity to use and review the awesome program called Digital Savvy (http://www.compuscholar.com/homeschool/courses/digital-savvy/) offered by CompuScholar, Inc (http://www.compuscholar.com/homeschool.) which was formally known as Homeschool Programming .This is an online program and also offers Web Design and Java Programming courses. These courses are offered as Self-Study or Teacher-Led and can be paid for monthly or yearly.

 As we set out on our Digital Savvy adventure Jacob wasn’t too sure about this new course but as we worked through the course he began to enjoy it. I chose Digital Savvy so Jacob and I could learn about computers inside and out.
This course covers fundamental computing topics and skills such as:
Hardware, software and operating systems
Managing files
Basic Networking
Computer Safety and Security
Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations
Exploring Computer Careers
There are Chapters that teach about some of the popular social media sites (Pintrest, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter) and web sites. There are twenty four chapters to learn the many uses of our wonderful technology and Chapter 25 is a final project to show off what was learned during this course. This courses curriculum is a one-year course covering required topics in an “Information Technology” class and aligned to many states specific course standards.
 Each chapter had the lessons broken down into short enough videos and text that Jacob was able to listen and not get lost. At the end of each lesson quizzes that can be attempted three times and the highest grade is kept. Jacob is a Special Needs kiddo so I sat and watched the videos with him them asked him the questions on the quiz, which he did better than me. We did each chapter over a two week period so Jacob could take his time and stay focused. There are also activities to do with every chapter and submitted to your program.
 The Digital Savvy is recommended for grades 6-12 but I would recommend Digital Savvy to anyone, young and old, who have an interest in learning computers or work on beginning programming.  Many people know how to turn a computer on and play games or check email but nothing about what makes up a computer and what makes it work. This course will help you learn to identify parts, inside and out, of a computer. Computer skills are truly a necessity in our technological world and those skills are taught in this course.

 These Computer Science courses can be used for homeschoolers, individual learners and/or small groups. Technical support is available for the course so parents or leaders don’t have to be computer savvy to help their children. So jump on in to the digital world with your kids and enjoy the computer science world.
 This course requires a computer with Windows or Mac and can be accessed with HTML5 web browser found on laptops, computers and tablets making it convenient to learn.

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