Monday, April 3, 2017

God,Family and Music

Another busy weekend here at Gram's. I'm so blessed that Jacob has a love for Southern Gospel music instead of some of the other "music" out there. That being said my mom and I try to take him to all the concerts that we can so this weekend started with music. Friday night we went to a church to hear The Singing Cooks and The Cook Brothers. It was nice to be in church listening to good music and praising God on a Friday night. Jacob added two CD's to his collection and has requested to order a couple more.
Saturday morning was an early day rising as we had cemetery clean-up at church and family coming from Tennessee and here in NC.We don't get much family visits so it was awesome to have my cousins and family.We all sat around and watched some old family movies and just talked and laughed which I think we all needed.We've had a number of deaths in our family and it was good to see each other for happy times.We finished our evening with another Gospel music concert at the college.Our first time seeing Walking By Faith and we LOVED them.It was Founders Day/Anniversary concert for one of our local radio stations(WWOL) and Primitive Quartet.Jacob has been wanting to see Primitive Quartet for years but something has always kept us from going.Yes more CD's added to the collection as well as signed pictures.His walls are full of autographed pictures,all Gospel/Christian groups.Yes I'm tired but it's so worth it when I get to see Jacob smile.
Sunday was a pretty busy end to our weekend.After church Jacob did his Senior picture shoot and I can hardly wait to get them.My friend Heather was awesome with Jacob(hard to get him to smile).Jacob's having some health issues right now and he had a really bad headache but he did great.
Hope everyone has a blessed Monday.

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