Thursday, July 20, 2017

Flying with Doctor Aviation Review

Doctor Aviation
When The Review Crew was given the opportunity in June to get a free subscription to

Doctor Aviation I got really excited. Jacob and I flew on an airplane for the first time four years ago

from North Carolina to California and we both loved it, except changing planes in Atlanta, Georgia.

We've decided no matter where you're going to you have to go to the airport in Atlanta. Ha!! On our

flight home Jacob informed me that he wanted to be a pilot. Okay....and the investigating of what it

takes to be a pilot began. My father served in the United States Air Force so Jacob is an Air Force

guy so when I clicked on the Doctor Aviation web site and watched "Intro to Doctor Aviation" I was

even more excited to learn that Daryl Smith, also known as Doctor Aviation,  was a pilot in the Air

Force for 24 years and a professor at the United States Air Force Academy. Two pluses to reviewing

this six month Aviation Online Training Videos  course already.

What is Doctor Aviation?

           Doctor Aviation is an online educational course that covers topics such as flight, aircraft

maintenance, air traffic control and how to run an airport. It is suggested for high school students or

adults. There are 15 sessions in this course which include videos broken down into technical trivia, a

notable figure in aviation and an important  event in aviation. Each video is between 45 minutes to an

hour. There are printable guided notes and additional recommended resources for each video session.

A "Dashboard" will keep you on track during this course.

Session 1: Course Overview: The Aviation System

               I. The Aircraft

Session 2: The Major Components of an Airplane
Session 3: Axes and Forces
Session 4: Why an Aircraft Flies: The Secret of Airfoils and Lift
Session 5: Why an Aircraft Turns, Pitches and Slides: The Flight Controls

               II. Air Traffic Control

Session 6: How We See an Aircraft Miles Away: The Secrets of Radar
Session 7: The Air Traffic Cops: How Air Traffic Control Works

               III.  Maintenance

Session 8: Keep ‘Em Flying: Aircraft Maintenance – Propeller Engines
Session 9: Keep ‘Em Flying: Aircraft Maintenance – Jet Engines

                IV. Airfield Operations

Session 10: The City in and of Itself: Running a Large Airport
Session 11: The Small Airport and Running an FBO

               V. The Aircraft II

Session 12: Flying in the Clear and Not so Clear Air: VMC and IMC
Session 13: Important Pilot Instruments – Attitude Indicator
Session 14: Important Pilot Instruments – Airspeed Indicator
Session 15: Other Aviation Ships: Gliders, Helicopters, Airships

All of this can be yours for $99 for six months. The Doctor Aviation Course can be taken to earn half

high school credit.

How Did We Use It?

Well I thought Jacob would be excited about this course but not so much. I was able to get him to

watch one video and that was all he could watch. I watched/listened to the videos and I tried to do at

least one a week.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes I would definitely recommend it for someone interested in being a pilot or wanting to learn about

airplane or the industry. I suggest trying Session 1 free to show you what you will be getting and reading about what it's about.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trust Fund

Trust Fund Movie
We enjoy watching good movies and have a wide collection so when the Homeschool Review Crew

was offered the opportunity to receive the movie "Trust Fund" I quickly signed up. In exchange for

watching and reviewing Trust Fund we received the dvd free of charge.

Mapelle Films offers this movie which is  produced by an early homeschool graduate, Isaac Alongi

who has worked for 15 years with Sandra Martin writer/director of Trust Fund. This movie received

the dove seal for age 12+ and younger children when watched as a family. Trust Fund is a modern

day story of  the Prodigal Daughter and very well put together so it can be enjoyed while learning

what many experience today. There's a free downloadable study guide and movie clips that can be

used in conjunction with the movie for families to dig deeper or use in small study groups.

Reese is one of two daughters and seems to get away with anything and everything she wants with

her dad. Eventually some of the things she has gotten into catch up with her and she almost looses

everything. Her sister, Audrey is the one who is more level-headed, working with her dad at the

successful company, earning her way in life unlike her sister. She is very resentful of Reese which

causes turmoil in the family'll have to watch Trust Fund to see what happens.

I had planned to watch this with Jacob but he's been doing mission work and had his wisdom teeth

taken out so I enjoyed just some me time with this one. Once things settle down I know he will watch

this and hopefully learn something from it. He's got two older brothers and struggles with "why do

you still do for them when they have done bad things?" I've told him that's how God is with ALL

people and we as Christians are trying to be like Christ.

I would highly recommend this movie to families and even youth group movie night would be great.

I was so happy I got to review this movie because we always need reminders in life.

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Mapelle Films

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Today's Wisdom

Today Jacob is having his wisdom teeth taken out.Not a fun thing to have done but after a week of working in Kentucky with our mission team he'll get some much needed rest. He's been a little nervous and asked if he got to keep his teeth so I reminded him to ask the nurse. She told him as long as they could get it out intact he could keep it.I think that made him the medicine he took an hour before surgery didn't hurt .LOL!!!
About an hour later and he's all done with the souvenir of one wisdom tooth to take home. When I asked him earlier why he wanted to keep his teeth his response was  "I gotta keep my wisdom". Too funny. When I went back after surgery I asked if he was expecting the Tooth Fairy to visit. With a head-shake of no I could mentally hear him say."Really?"That's his "word" and yes it dopes make a momma go bonkers sometimes but I thank God everyday for allowing me to be his "bonkers mom".
After Grandma and I got him in the car we headed for the closest drugstore because we live about an hour and a half from where we were and we wanted to make sure to keep him from hurting. Poor guy hadn't eaten since midnight and it was now noon so while Grandma was in getting his medicine I get this text. "Can I get some mashed potatoes and mac-n-cheese from KFC?"So yes we stopped and he got maybe 2 bites in before taking medicine and going to sleep.
We made it home, iced his face, removed his hearing aides and back to sleep. Needless to say my house is so quite I may try to sneak a nap in too.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fascinating Education/Fascinating Biology

Fascinating Education

In June we were offered the opportunity to receive a course for a year free to review

Fascinating Education. This is an online course featuring various Science Education such

as Chemistry, Biology and Physics for high school homeschool students. This program

was developed by Dr. Margulies, a retired neurologist, author and an expert witness in

the field of neurology. We chose to explore Fascinating Biology first but the suggested

course of study is to start with Chemistry and then Biology. If you, like us do choose to

complete Biology first, there is Chemistry Pre-Course for Biology that contains six

lessons that can be completed first, at an extra cost. There’s also a Chemistry Review

included in Fascinating Biology as Lesson 2.Ok so we do things out of order sometimes

 but that makes life interesting.

Fascinating Biology is an online homeschool science curriculum for high school students.

It is an 18 lesson video course complete with written downloadable script of the video

and a test at the end of every lesson. The video/slide presentations are approximately 45

minutes each lesson. The test may be taken online multiple times to learn the correct

answer and pass. The test is set up to let you review what you missed before attempting it



Lessons in Fascinating Biology:

Lesson 1:  What Is Life

Lesson 2:  Chemistry Review

Lesson 3:  The Cell Membrane

Lesson 4:  Take in Nutrients

Lesson 5:  Take in Energy - Part 1

Lesson 6:  Take in Energy - Part 2

Lesson 7:  Take in Energy - Part 3

Lesson 8:  Take in Energy - Part 4

Lesson 9:  Grow

Lesson 10: Reproduce - Part 1

Lesson 11: Reproduce - Part 2

Lesson 12: Reproduce - Part 3

Lesson 13: Homeostasis - Part 1

Lesson 14: Homeostasis - Part 2

Lesson 15: Adapt - Part 1

Lesson 16: Adapt - Part 2

Lesson 17: Prokaryotes, Protists, Animals, Fungi

Lesson 18: Plants

How We Used It

Once logged in I sat with my son and watched the video then discussed the test questions

with him while he was taking the test. The first lesson was pretty easy to get him to do

but the following lessons were a little harder to get him to watch. There’s a menu tab with

the video that shows what is covered in that lesson and the next few lessons overwhelmed

him before he started. He’s a special needs child and to see the menu look like it fills the

whole screen makes him automatically turn his brain off. Tried watching a little at a time

and that worked pretty well. Maybe the option of hiding the menu bar would be

beneficial to special need as well as typical kiddos.

Would I Recommend Fascinating Biology?

Yes I would recommend it to others but more typical kiddos and not special needs. I

would have liked to have seen a few experiments thrown in on a couple of lessons. I did

like that the last few slides in the video was kind of like a review of each lesson, The

videos were bright and eye catching, not boring and along with the menu tab there is a

glossary tab giving the definitions of certain words.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Internship for High School Credit Review

We were recently given the opportunity to receive Internship for High School Credit from

Apologia Educational Ministries for use to review. Even though Jacob graduated from high school

this year I thought it would be very beneficial to him as well as me to review this. He won't receive

high school credits towards his education but this book will definitely help him in his next steps of


Internship for High School Credit
What is Internship for High School Credit?

Internship for High School Credit is a 99 - page spiral-bound workbook for high school students and

their parents to learn the process of interning for high school credits. First thing when you open the

book is the Introduction which gives you answers as to what an internship is and how it's beneficial 

to a high school student. There's also a How to Use This Workbook which explains the bulk of the

workbook contains worksheets to document experiences during internship.

There are five divisions in this book to take you step by step through the internship process.

 Part 1 : Getting Started

             Explains how to determine type of internship and choose which field of work interest you.

             This section also teaches how to receive high school credit, write a Student Resume (sample

             Resume), write a Letter of  Introduction (sample letter),Interview tips, after the interview

             and getting ready for the first day.

Part 2 : Information for Parents

             How to choose an Internship location, Child Labor, Transcript Documentation, course title

             and number, number of credits and grades.

Part 3 : First Semester

            This section will teach you how to use the worksheets, help figure out the semester goals.

            There are weekly worksheets to keep track of the days and hours worked and Questions and

            Activities for each week that the intern will answer. There's also a Midterm Work Performance

            and an End-of-Semester Work Performance sheet for the supervisor to fill out about your

            work. At the end of this part there's a worksheet to write skills gained during this internship.

Part 4 : Second Semester 

            This section is for a person who has completed the first semester and starts a second semester

            of internship. Instead of weekly worksheets this section has Biweekly worksheets.

Part 5 : Course Wrap-Up

            This section is for completing the internship with a final writing assignment, Thank - You

            notes, Letter of Recommendation and updating your Resume.

How Did We Use It?

When we first received it I thought about how we could use it to benefit Jacob and I hit a brick wall

at first. He enjoys doing yard work so we thought about contacting a landscape company but our

answer was right in front of our face the whole time. Jacob volunteers at one of our local soup

kitchens where there's a chapel and he talks with different people sharing about God. A couple from

our church has a counseling service they operate at the same location and have taken Jacob under

their wings. Jacob feels a calling into the ministry so what better way to use this internship program.

He has been filling out the worksheets along and we are working on a Resume.

I really liked the Tips that were found throughout the book like How To Dress. The author, Sherri

Selgson added quotes from famous people through out the book that made me feel like a dose of

encouragement for the student and the parent. I would recommend this to anyone who has children

going into high school or wanting help deciding what field of work they may be interested in.

Apologia Educational Ministries
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Monday, June 12, 2017


Well we finally made it to summer and oh the possibilities of what we will get into. There's so much "catch up "work to do around our house since we were concentrating on  graduation 🎓.Great graduation party this weekend for Jacob. He REALLY had a great time even though it can't be seen in the pictures. I have even gotten multiple "Thanks for the party Mom" from him all weekend. It makes my heart SMILE when I see him happy and proud. Friends and family coming from Florida was a special thing for him.

Now we prepare for a mission trip to Kentucky for a week with church. This is Jacob's second time going to Kentucky so still a little nervous(me more than him) about the trip.
My uncle from Florida has been here almost a week and Jacob loves it. He learns a lot from Uncle Raymond and really listens to what he says. They've worked on yards, building a shelter for lawn mower and planting tips. Blessed beyond words!!
Our church is doing Summer of Psalm Bible Study which we will read through the book of Psalm. We start that today and Jacob read his this morning while I slept.Yep I guess I'm a slacker.LOL!!!With that being said I hope everyone has a blessed day and I'm off to read.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Heros of History Billy Graham

YWAM Publishing
I gave Jacob the choice of which book he wanted to review from YWAM Publishing and  their

Heroes of History Series. He chose Billy Graham: America's Pastor which was no surprise to me

since we live in the foothills of North Carolina. We are close to Charlotte, Mr. Graham's

hometown and Montreat, his residence since 1945 so we feel like we have ties with the Graham's.

YWAM Publishing
Jacob started reading the book and he would stop to discuss events

and tidbits of what he had read. Well after several days of him

pealing my interest I picked the book up and started reading

it.This book is great because it combines history and social studies

while it is fun to read and not boring. I have to admit I'm not much

of a reader. I never seem to have "enough time" but

Billy Graham America's Pastor kept me wanting to make time to

read. When Jacob realized I was reading it too he always made

sure he was a couple of chapters ahead of me. He's not a reader

either but when it got quite I'd look in the living room to see his

nose in the book.                             

Before this review I'd never heard of YWAM Publishing or Heroes of History but they have really

got my attention and recommendation to other people.

In the Heroes of History series there are 28 books that can be purchased individually or in the set.

The great thing about these books beside being well written is they all come with study guides. The

study guides are an awesome addition to reading the book. These guides include:
1. Key Quotes
 2. Display Corners
3. Chapter Questions
4. Student Explorations
5. Community Links
6. Social Studies
7. Related Themes to Explore
8. Culminating Event

There are also pages of books and resources to help with more exploration of Billy Graham and his

life as America's Pastor. On the YWAM Publishing website there's also a bonus section with

crossword puzzels,search words and coloring pages just to mention a few.

So how did we use it?

Jacob is more of a verbal learner so not only did he tell me about the book as he was reading I asked

him the questions at the end of each chapter. These questions are great because the first four want

specific answers while the final two questions of each chapter are the opinion of your child. I also

printed out the Billy Graham Fact Sheet ,timeline and maps for Jacob to fill in. The maps are to mark

where all Mr. Graham has traveled, preached and held crusades.

What Did We Think?

We both loved it and plan on purchasing more of The Heroes of History and probably will also buy

from Christian Heroes: Then and Now series. Loved that the writers/publishers recognize everyone

has different learning styles and accommodate this. This book is suggested for 10+ but I feel younger

may be able to have it read to them. Great to do as a family reading time.

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Christian & History Heroes {YWAM Publishing Reviews}

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course

The Typing Coach

When I was in junior high school my counselor signed me up for typing classes as my elective. I was

excited about taking typing because it was something new and challenging. That was quickly

squashed by my dad when I got home with, "That's a wasted class and you're not taking it." Many

years later and many papers typed by slowly pecking the words out and I'm still pecking the words

out. So when we were recently given the opportunity to receive a subscription to

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course to review I jumped at it. This course is offered by

The Typing Coach. With Jacob getting ready to start college in the fall and myself writing reviews

and blog post I thought this practice would better prepare us for faster and more accurate typing.

Jacob has worked on a couple other typing programs over the past few years but nothing like

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course.

What Is The Typing Coach Online Typing Course?

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is a computer-based course taught by David Kimball,

The Typing Coach. He guides you through seven lessons in this course to teach you how to type

proficiently and accurate all without looking at your keyboard. The seven lessons are (1) Having

Good Posture (2) Home Row (3) Top Row (4) Bottom Row (5) Shift Keys (6) Typing Practices (7)

Number Row. Included in the course is a Teachers Resource Center with extra helps for slower paced

learners, younger children and Special Needs, Typing Coach Tickets to give students for a job well

done. There are also some informative videos available in the resource center to watch along with

print outs ( Student Checklist, Progress Reports,etc.)

There are videos, audios and written instructions throughout this course and it is self-paced so you

can work at the area you're on till you've mastered it. There are assessments that have to be taken and

passed before the program will let you move on. This course can also be guided by parents for

younger children or Special Needs.


This online typing course can be purchased for $17 per person for a year. They offer a free trial to try

before you buy. This is a good deal and it will pay off when you can type quickly and accurately.

Age Suggestion

It is suggested that the program is good for the young and old. The slower paced lessons can be used

for children aged 8 - 11 who are not ready for the regular paced lessons or even us adults that aren't

too good at typing. The regular lessons can be used for those 12 and up.

How We Used The Program

I did the program because Jacob being my 18 year old Special Need child couldn't focus on the

lessons. At first I felt a little overwhelmed but gradually got used to what I needed to do. I have

noticed an improvement in my typing, not as many mistakes and a little faster, Still a work in

progress but not sure I'll ever achieve the 45+ words per minute. Being reminded about good posture

has helped eliminate the sore neck and aching back. I would recommend

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course for older children and adults.

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The Typing Coach
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Baby Graduated

Well my youngest son is now a high school graduate. It was made official at church on Sunday when our preacher presented him with his diploma. I received the diploma in the mail a couple of weeks ago but hadn't let Jacob look at it or touch it.Yes some of you may say that's mean but I enjoyed seeing him squirm a little. Saturday night he asked to have it because Sunday was Graduate Sunday at church and he would look real stupid with no diploma displayed on the table. I told him no I was waiting for his test scores before he could have it.Little did he know I already cooked up plans for the preacher to present it to him when the church gave him Bible. We had family from out of state, out of town,both his older brothers, his father and step-mother and friends from the soup kitchen Jacob volunteers at come to celebrate with us.
I know graduating high school is a big achievement for all Seniors but I feel it's even bigger for Jacob. He's had so many health issues and challenges in life but never has given up. His Hydrocephalus (water on the brain ) has caused him to have four brain surgeries and developmental delays. Hearing impairment (deaf without his aides) is why I chose to remove him from public school where he was being left behind and bullied and homeschool him. I'm not sharing all this for sympathy but maybe it will give someone else courage to keep plugging along. Without God none of this would be possible.

Jacob's favorite verse:
For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord,
plans to prosper you and not to harm you
plans to give you hope and a future
                                                     Jeremiah 29:11

Review of The Thin Stix

Thin Stix by KwikStix

Jacob and I had so much fun reviewing  Thin Stix 6 pk of Classic Colors which is offered by

The Pencil Grip,Inc.There were so many projects we wanted to use these mess free paints on that we

had a hard time choosing. With these paints you don't have to dred art time with the kiddos

anymore because there's no need for water, paint brushes, smocks or protection for the floor or

tables.These are non-toxic tempera  paints that are great for all aged humans and not needing to

prepare for a mess makes art time easy, enjoyable and even spur of the moment.

. The Thin Stix are part of the Kwik Stix family but have a smaller tip to make

controlling the painting easier. When I looked at the Thin Stix at first I thought they were markers

until I popped the cap off of one. In this box of Thin Stix 6 pk of Classic Colors  the colors included

are red, yellow,green,blue,brown and black Oh and did I mention the paint dries in 90 seconds? Yes

you read it right....90 seconds so no smudging on projects or little ones getting it on themselves or

your furniture.

These tempera paints can be used on various surfaces,paper,posters,rocks and more so get busy

creating and painting. They dry smooth unlike some paints.

Thin Stix by KwikStix
At the time we received the Thin Stix to review for The Homeschool Review Crew we were
reviewing an art program so of course Jacob had to use the paints on his artwork. He was surprised
when it dried faster than he could paint it.
He liked that he could color in the small areas of his drawing without messing it up. Jacob is one of

those that if there's a slight "mess-up" he either erases it or starts over completely. No do overs on

this masterpiece. He took his time and enjoyed the art of painting which has been a real struggle for

him with his ADHD.

Here's his finished work of art colored with Thin Stix :
I used Thin Stix to draw on some of my letter I wrote to friends over the past few weeks. I loved how

smoothly the paint dried. I have to admit at first I wasn't to sure how well it would turn out because

when I popped the cap off it looked like a glue stick. We all know glue sticks don't spread smoothly

but of did I get a pleasant surprise and the colors were brilliant. I was given the opportunity to give

away a Thin Stix 6 pk of Classic Colors and I can hardly wait to hear what my winner says ( 18 year

old special needs young lady) about them and what she makes with them.

So what do we think of Thin Stix? LOVE THEM!!!!

Would I recommend them to others?

YES!!! These would be a great addition to homeschool art supplies,childrens church,VBS, Sunday

School or just a families art supplies. There are many other Thin Stix packs and colors available to

purchase either at The Pencil Grip,Inc or Amazon

The Pencil Grip, Inc

Thin Stix by KwikStix
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No Mess Art with Thin Stix Classic Colors {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Absolutely Captain Absolutely

 Captain Absolutely

WOW!!!!My son hasn't loved reading a book till we received Captain Absolutely to review.He had

been anxiously waiting for the mailman to deliver the package.The day it came he tore into the

package like it was a Christmas or Birthday present.

Captain Absolutely Defending Truth,Justice,and Lots More Truuuth is a comic book where a

librarian straightening books up while his sunflower seed eating friend causes an explosion in the

library. Captain Absolutely rises from the ashes and finds himself in a room with books he's never

seen before......BIBLES. He reads these various Bibles while waiting to be rescued and breathes in

toxic air and his life was changed forever. This book is offered by Focus on the Family and is based

on a character from Adventures in Odyssey. It  shows kids how to stand firm in their faith by using

God's word to  make decisions.Wooton Z. Bassett is the writer and creator of Captain Absolutely and

his purpose was to show that bad guys try to mess with your visions and how to combat their lies. It

took him five years to put the total comic book together but it was well worth the wait.

The recommended age for this book is 8 - 12 year olds but my son,18, really enjoyed reading and

going on the adventures of Captain Absolutely and proudly shared with a friend he was reading and

reviewing the book.. It's a beautifully illustrated book that's easy to read and learn about God's

truth,justice and defending it in today's world. No matter what the situation,stealing,lying,loneliness

Captain Absolutely reminds everyone knowing God and following Him will make your life better.

I liked that there are bios of the characters from the book at the end. Also included at the end of the

book are  two pages of "Big Questions".On the pages with the Big Questions are reference pages to

go back and find  where they're located in the comic.It's also suggest  to talk to a parent or youth

leader about these  questions as you dig deeper in your faith. While reading this book I realize that

sometimes people just need to be shown God's love and words in an easy to understand form and I

think Mr.Bassett has achieved that with this book.

We would definitely recommend this book to other youngsters, older teens and even adults. Jacob has

even asked for more books like this to read. SCORE!!!

Focus On The Family
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Thin Stix Giveaway

I'm doing a review of Kwik Stix Thin Stix paint and they have given me the opportunity to give one lucky person a 6 pack FREE.Leave a comment how you would use these tempera paints by May 20.2017 and I will randomly pick a winner.
You can learn more about these Stix at The Pencil Grip, Inc.or on Facebook.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Secret Bridge

The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}
This review is a little different for me....I got to enjoy a copy of The Secret Bridge written by Amy

Le Feuvre. It is part of The Lamplighter collection made available by Lamplighter Publishing. The

Lamplighter mission is to print books with an emphasis on biblical insights, character development,

artistic design, excellence and skilled craftsmanship. I was impressed that Lamplighter is committed

to instill moral values with each book, something hard to find in today's world.

The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

 When I received my copy of the book I had mixed feelings....too pretty to handle but excitement to

crack it open. This is a beautifully bound book of light aqua color faux leather and a shiny gold

emblem displays the title and authors name. When reading this book I had to remember it was written

in 1899 so punctuation, spelling and sentence structure were different than present day and

Lamplighter have chosen to present it in the original format. I loved it because it made me feel like I

was there as the story unfolded.

I am a sucker for a love story so once I began reading it was hard to stop and walk away. A young

woman, Bridget whose been sheltered most of her life is faced with the loss of her father. She has a

step uncle that has offered her to move with him in England, a strange new city for her. Upon her

arrival in England she learns of her uncle's passing sending her life into a spin. She's met a gentleman

of her trip to England and he becomes more than an acquaintance to Bridget but you'll have to read

this awesome book to find out where that goes.

Of course there are secrets hence the name The Secret Bridge. They weigh heavy on Bridget's heart

and head but we all know God works all out for those who believe in Him.

My opinion of the book? LOVED IT!!! Ready to read more books in the Lamplighter Collection and

I'm not a reader. So grab a copy of The Secret Bridge, something to drink and curl up in the chair and

get lost in this book.

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The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

ArtAchieve Review

I've never been an artist and Jacob has asked many times "How do you draw.....?" I felt bad not being

able to teach him how to draw because my mom and my oldest son are great artist so when I got the

opportunity to review ArtAchieve I jumped at it.When I told Jacob about ArtAchieve you would have

thought it was his birthday or Christmas.


Artachieve is an online subscription art lessons for kids but also a great teaching program for

adults. There are five different levels of lessons to choose from, begging drawing to more in depth

painting. Generally Level One is recommended for age 5 and up, Level Two 7 and up, Level Three

ages 9 and up and Level Four age 10 and up but if you have no drawing experience you should

probably start with Level One. There are some supplies you'll need for these art lessons but don't

worry they aren't expensive or hard to find. And if you're like me don't worry about buying the wrong

supplies because on the list you can click on the item listed and you'll be shown exactly what it is on

Amazon. The site does offer five free art lessons so you can try it before you buy it.The cost is very

reasonable available to purchase individual levels or in bundles of several or all the classes for a

year. John Hofland is the creator of ArtAchieve and a former homeschool dad and an educator.


We chose Entire Level One to work on and found it to be a perfect fit. In Entire Level One there are

12 individual lessons that include Power point version and video versions of the lesson, a warm-up to

print ( practice drawing some of the lines) and a print out of how the finished drawing looks. We used

both the power point and the videos on each lesson to make it easier for Jacob to calmly draw. It is 

suggested to play some calming music and gently rub your face to help you calm down and get in the

drawing zone. Being a teenager Jacob just laughed while rubbing his face and I rubbed mine too. It did

relax me before starting the lesson. This was Jacob's choice for his calming music -

 I liked how it reinforced "There is no wrong way to draw" through out the lessons. Very encouraging

for any one who uses the program.

For each lesson there are suggestions for Cross-Curriculum Connections with different links available

to help you navigate. To see a sample of these connections click Cross-Curriculum

Connections .These are the Hungarian Insects Jacob drew in Level 1 Lesson 3 and we can study

about them in several other subjects.

So grab the kids, paper and art supplies and gather around the computer and enjoy some quality time

and draw. This was the most enjoyable time of the day when we worked on ArtAchieve even though

I didn't draw. We will continue drawing even though the review period is over. Thank you

ArtAchieve for making drawing an enjoyable lesson.

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