Monday, September 18, 2017

IMAGINE The Great Flood

IMAGINE... The Great Flood
IMAGINE The Great Flood  by Matt Koceich Book Review
     There's not many book Jacob likes to read but he started reading this one without being

repeatedly asked. SCORE!!! Every now and then he would tell me some of what he had

read and that made me REALLY want to read it. I waited until he went to bed to snag it and

started reading it to find myself, an adult, unable to put it down. The recommended age for this

Bible adventure are 8-12 years old but Jacob's 18 and I'm ....we'll just say adult.

     The Imagine series is written by Matt Koceich, a schoolteacher and a missionary. He has added

some great clean Christian reading for children with his Imagine Series. His Imagine Series

books are published and available for sale by Barbour Publishing for less than six dollars

Barbour Publishing
  Knowing the title was IMAGINE The Great Flood I assumed water was involved but I wasn't
expecting the great flood to be the one involving Noah's ark. A modern day 10 year old Corey
becomes part of save the animals 2 x 2 team after hitting his head. Corey is having to move from

Texas to Florida because of his father's job.He's having a hard time adjusting to the changes about to

happen in his life even with his moms talks and love. Before blacking out and waking up in

Mesopotamia  2400 B.C. a trip to the park with his mom and dog are all he can remember. Upon

waking he  meets/helps Noah's sons gather the animals for the ark which is not always an easy task.

Things and people he endures while in Mesopotamia come back as comforts and helps Corey cope

with the move to a new state,school,neighborhood and new friends.

     Jacob liked the book so much before he finished the first chapter he was asking me if we could

get the other books in the Imagine series. YES!!!We both keep talking about the giants called

Nephilim and how scary they must have been to Corey.I loved the way Matt wrote this book so that

it could be understood as things in life today are also connected to how life was in the past life. Corey

even tells the brothers that he knows what he's read in the Bible.

     Jacob was happy how Corey ended up back in current time with happiness and more

understanding that God has plans for all of us even if we may not like them at first. I felt like a proud

momma that he got this from reading this book.Jacob is a special needs young man so anytime he ask

for more books to read ,an actually reads them, I get excited.

So What Did We Think?

     Absolutely loved the way you get pulled into the story while reading. Jacob and I both liked that

it wasn't a long drug out read and we couldn't predict what was going to happen after reading a

couple of chapters. When we first saw we would be reading and reviewing

IMAGINE The Great Flood  we both thought it would be a book about a flooded river, town or a

great storm of recent not about Noah's Ark.


     Both he and I would recommend adding IMAGINE The Great Flood to your library today.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Unauthorized Review

When my sister started telling me about the Homeschool Review Crew she started with "There are
games to review." Well that's all it took to get Jacob on board to do the various reviews and that's
pretty much all I keep hearing about. "When are we getting to review a game Mom?" so I was excited
when Chara Games gave us the opportunity to receive and review Unauthorized. This is a
strategic Christian game that is fun for all who play. Having three boys in our family equals ALOT of
board games and card games in our house. Unauthorized is a great card game that can go anywhere
with you to be played.
Unauthorized is suggested for players 12 and up and 6-12 players per game. This is a great game for
large families, a group of friends, youth groups and/or homeschool groups. The game only takes
between 30-45 minutes to play which is some good quality time to get unplugged
and interact with friends and family. The game is designed with the concept of role-playing in the
world with an underground church. Every game has a police officer and a pastor while every player is
assigned a role with specific abilities.
 The objective is to sway all the players to support
the church or the state which is determined by the 'experience cards' and can change a players
loyalty unexpectedly during the game. During the four rounds of play the game can go any way
quickly. Keeping their supporters out of jail and getting the majority of loyalties is the churches
goal while the state is trying to destroy and crush the church. For the church to win they have
to have a majority of the group loyal to the church and at least one person NOT in prison. The
state wins if the church doesn't reach its goal.
What's Included

Rule Book
Role Cards
Dealer Reference Card
Player Reference Card
Experience Cards

The Rule Book is easy to read but I had a hard time wrapping my head around the written directions

(that's a me thing) so I watched this video.

Unauthorized is by Chara Games which was founded by Patrick and Katherine Lysaght in 2014 to

design and publish Christian themed games.

Chara Games

Where Can I Get It?

Unauthorized is available for purchase through Amazon and at game stores for a very reasonable


What Did We Think?
We  thought it was a good game to play with a group. We lost power during Hurricane Irma for a day
so we gathered up our hurricane snacks,drinks,flashlights and Unauthorized for a little fun. Our
youth and children are going on a camping trip in a few weeks so we will be taking Unauthorized to
introduce to our group. Excited to see what God has in store for them.
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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Is There Anything Better Than Candy?Box Tract

Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
It's that time of year....cooler weather,leaves changing color and Halloween.We have Trunk or Treat

at our church every year so I was excited about reviewing these Halloween tracts from

Let the Little Children Come. Is There Anything Better Than Candy?Box Tract is a great way to

share the gospel with children of all ages. These cute little pumpkins can be assembled easily by kids

so how you give them out can be assembled(with a little treat inside) or unassembled. There are

assembly directions on the sheet that are easy to follow even for me.
Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract

Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
Each flap on the inside of the pumpkin tells of God's love and how  He sent Jesus to save

us and the steps to be with God eternally then  the last flap has a prayer to pray. Each flap is a

different color.

Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
These tracts are available from Let The Little Children Come in packs of 20 for $15.95
and there's a discounted price the more packs you buy.
Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract
So I will be handing these out at our Trunk or Treat but they could be used in Sunday
School classes or even street evangelism.I know some adults that would be thrilled to
receive this and you never know something as cute as a little pumpkin may be what
leads them to the Lord.
What Did I Think?

I love it!!Would and have told many friends and church family about this awesome product.
I was given a pack of 20 to review but also received a cool little pouch with samples of other
products they sale and they have some pretty awesome things.
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Monday, September 4, 2017

Some Thoughts

It's been over a week since Hurricane Harvey left it's mark on Texas and then Louisiana and my emotions have been all over the place. We have some personal ties with Texas after traveling there and attending Hydro Camp a few years back. I also have classmates from Florida that call Texas home so there have been a lot of prayers and worry. All of our Hydro friends and my classmates are SAFE and that's what mater because material things CAN be replaced. Many tears have been shed as I've watched the flooding, rescuing and volunteering and feeling of helplessness I feel about being able to help. Prayers are always needed and I CAN do that.

Jacob's wanting to go to Texas to help and I've told him if that's what God has for him to do it will happen in the mean time there are other ways he can help. He's been very "quite" and kinda staying to himself so I'm giving him his space. I'm blessed that he has a servant spirit. Yes as his mother at first I thought "I can't  let him go off to Texas" but then God laid it on my heart the if He has that plan for Jacob I have to be willing to have faith that he'll be fine. I will admit God has been "bopping" me with things a lot lately and I'm glad.
We've gone to Jubilee at Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church the past 3 nights and a calming feeling has come over me every night listening to great music and preaching. This was Jacob's first revival and he really liked it.
So as you say prayers please remember the victims, rescuers and volunteers in Texas and Louisiana. There's another hurricane brewing out there so as we brace for its hit keep the east coast in prayers for safety. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

BIC® Velocity® Max Mechanical Pencil Review

We have had the opportunity to receive two BIC® Velocity® Max Mechanical Pencil free for use and review.I saw the pencils when they arrived and since then Jacob has taken claim to them. He's used mechanical pencils since about the sixth grade and swears by them. After using the  BIC® Velocity® Max Mechanical Pencil he has said he doesn't want any other pencils.
They have a wider eraser for those dreaded mistakes.Jacob was impressed with the lead not breaking,which is his usual complaint.These are sold in 2 pack with extra lead at local stores or online at various sites.Go try these awesome pencils or get some for the kids.

Thursday, August 31, 2017



Movie Review

            When offered to review Pattern of Evidence Exodus I was very interested since
 I’ve grown up in church and studied the Bible all my life. This film is Tim Mahoney’s first full feature documentary film and it took 12 years to develop. It took a scientific approach and investigated the events of the biblical Exodus. Tim like myself had heard and read all the stories in the Bible but decided to look for material evidence that the stories in Exodus were in fact true. Many movies make me walking away wondering where the filmmaker got his story from but Tim leaves me wanting to dig more into the Bible to understand what has been shown and uncovered.
            This movie won 13 awards in 2014 and includes interviews with some of the top experts in archeology and Egyptology. To me that was interesting to hear and see artifacts that backed up the Bible when there are so many people trying to call it false. The way Tim has done this film lets the viewer make his own decision without being preached at or having Christianity shoved down their throat. There are supplemental resources associated with the film which include a nearly 400-page hardcover book, small group Bible study, Movie Event kit, youth version (called Young Explorers), homeschool curriculum and others.

What Did We Think?
            My 18 year old son and I thought it was a little to long to watch in one viewing, a lot of info to take in, so we broke it down and watched it in two viewings. The film was very well put together and got some interaction from my son with some facts he knew before they were presented. Very impressed with him. Had a little trouble reading some words when the movie was comparing the time line but overall we really liked it. Great addition to our collection. If you would like to watch the trailer for this film before buying click on and then the  store site is


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Everyday Cooking by Everyday Homemaking

Everyday Cooking

I'm the cookbook queen in my family. Yes I have an obsession with cookbooks and when I start

looking at the different recipes I think "Oh that looks good and I can make it" but honestly it probably

never gets tried. Great intentions get slammed down with LIFE! After saying that I was thrilled to get

the opportunity to review Everyday Cooking offered by Everyday Homemaking. I received a

downloadable e-book free to check out and yes cook some of the recipes. I assumed it would be

like all the other cookbooks I've got but boy was I surprised.

Vicki Bentley is the author of Everyday Cooking and it was created as she homeschooled her

children. Being a mother, grandmother and foster parent to many she has been very involved in the

homeschool world.

What It Is

It's not just another's so much more. There are tips to prepare some food and store for

later in the week to make getting the meals on the table a little easier and less stressful. There's not

really breakfast recipes but ideas instead. Sometimes you just need an idea of something

to change breakfast up a little. There are tips through out the book that I found helpful and

interesting. Included are listed substitute ingredients such as Sucanat with honey for sugar which

I thought was great for anyone who uses this book, no guessing if it can be done and how much

to use. There are pictures at the end of the book of the different utensils used for the recipes. There

are recipes for the stove,oven,slow cooker, pressure cooker and yes even the Instant Pot. The

recipes are very clear how/to cook with each method. There are several pages at the end of

each section for notes in case you want to remember something you did.

Table of Contents
Preface ............................................................................................. 4
Introduction .................................................................................. 7
Timesaving Tips .......................................................................... 7
Breakfast Ideas ............................................................................ 9
Appetizers and Dressings ....................................................... 11
Bread and Grains ........................................................................ 23
Main Dishes & Soups & Sides .............................................. 51
Desserts & Snacks .................................................................... 103
Homemade Vanilla Extract .................................................. 137
Low-Carb and Gluten-Free Pantry Helpers ................. 139
Basic Measurements and Helps ........................................ 143
Meal Planning and Shopping Hints ................................ 145
Sample Menus & Menu Planning Masters .................. 147
Basic Cooking Skills Checklist ............................................ 152
Basic Kitchen Accessories ..................................................... 155
Kitchen Equipment .................................................................. 156
The Tortoise and the Hare ................................................... 163
Pressure Cooker Tips and Favorites ................................ 169
Index of Recipes ....................................................................... 189
Index of Practical Tips .......................................................... 192

What I Thought

Well I LOVED IT!!!I would definitely recommend. I made the Chocolate No Bakes and

my boys were fighting over who was going to get the last one. SCORE!!

Chocolate No-Bakes
These are just like I remember from the elementary school cafeteria! Wherever you do this, be sure your
surface is protected or the waxed paper will melt (as in On Your Table—voice of experience; I now put
down several sheets of newspaper first).
In heavy saucepan, combine:
½ c. butter ½ c. cocoa
½ c. milk 2 c. sugar (or Sucanat with honey)
Bring to boil; reduce to medium and gently boil to just over soft ball stage (to about 236
on a candy thermometer, or about 2½ to 3 minutes. Do not under-boil or they will not set
up). Remove from heat and add:
3 cups oats (I use regular, “old-fashioned”)
1 tsp. vanilla
1 heaping tsp. peanut butter
[opt.: 2 Tbsp. wheat germ, some raisins, etc.]
Mix well. Drop by Tablespoon onto waxed paper or parchment or silicone mat on protected
surface. Cookies should harden in about 15-20 minutes.

I also tried the Chocolate Covered Toffee but I didn't have a candy thermometer and I got in a

hurry and distracted which you can't do when making candy. Not very pretty but it tasted good after I

reheated the mixture the next day but the chocolate is not on the top instead it's ALL chocolate.

You can purchase Everyday Cooking (print version)  for $19.99 or e-book  is $15.99. I received

an email from Vicki with something special for my readers:

 I am offering 10% off The Everyday Family Chore System and/or Everyday Cooking (print or e-book) through Labor Day! The code for your readers is TOS10books --they can apply it to as many books in their cart as they'd like, but they do need to shop first, apply the 10% discount code last. (Sorry -- eccentric cart function) Expires Sept 5.

So hurry over and get your cookbook and check out Vickie's other books.

Everyday Homemaking
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Review of I Can Study Jonah & Ruth Alone With God Bible Study

   When we were offered to do a review for Greek 'n' Stuff I wasn't going to try for it because

I thought "Greek, seriously we won't ever use that". After going to the website for Greek 'n' Stuff

I realized they also offered some awesome Bible Studies. I gave Jacob the choice of which Bible

study he wanted to do and he chose I Can Study Jonah & Ruth Alone With God. The study is a 13

week program by Karen Mohs who is also the founder of Greek 'n' Stuff. She offers the Bible

studies in New International Version or King James Version so we did the King James Version. Each

lesson has six parts for each day of the week. Each daily study is short so my son,18 with some

learning disabilities was able to complete them without any struggles.

   Every day starts out with prayer and reciting or reading the weekly memory verse to help with

learning it. Following prayer and memory verse are two to three questions about the scripture

being studied. There are little boxes every day beside the questions that give information and

details about things in the scripture that one may not know. The first five weeks are devoted to

Jonah and learning to obey God while the last eight weeks are about Ruth and how she's blessed

because she chose God.

   This study is very reasonably priced at $8.95 a book and there's a Sample page to see if the study

works for you. It is intended for only one person per book but at this price it's a steal.The book is a

nice sturdy glossy covered spiral bond notebook which makes it easy to use and keep to study again

later or refresh yourself. There's the front page where your student can write their name and a note to

the parents to help guide you when using the study.

What Did We Think?

   A great Bible study for not only a homeschool student but I believe this would be a great study for

a youth group or Sunday School class. Short enough it can be covered in a small amount of class time

but in depth enough to make you think and learn new things.

Would We Recommend This?

   Yes as a matter of fact I'm going to share the Greek 'n' Stuff website with our youth pastor and the

youth teacher at our church. We have a number of children that have moved up to youth this year and

I think this may help their Christian growth. I believe this would be an excellent Bible study for adult

as well as children and youth. Go check out the web site and see for yourself. Don't let the name fool

you like it did me. Feel blessed to have gotten this opportunity and I hope you will too.

Greek 'n' Stuff

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Review of In The Reign of Terror

In the Reign of Terror
In The Reign of Terror is an audio theaters production presented by Heirloom Audio Productions.

You can live the adventure while listening to The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty  on

the two CD's. G.A. Henty not only wrote about adventure, he lived it. He was the author of 122 books

and his published works are estimated to be around 25 million. The audio begins with Mr. George in

Arlington National Cemetery meeting Harry and having a conversation with him in what seems to

be set in a modern time. The story switches to Harry and his father, Dr.Sandwith traveling in a

carriage to send Harry on a boat to France. Harry was a 16 year-old English boy that was going to

live with Marquis de St Caux and the family to be a companion to the children. Harry will teach them

of English ways and in exchange he'll learn French and be educated along with the children. There

are many challenges for Harry and the family during this historical time.

What is Included?

This is a two CD audio drama set.

CD One:
  1. Mr. George in Arlington
  2. Journey to France
  3. Monsieur de Tillet
  4. The St.Cauex Chateau
  5. Dog Attack
  6. The Wolf Hunt
  7. Dark News From Paris
  8. April,1792
  9. All is Lost
  10. Escaping The Mob
  11. Planning and Praying

CD Two:
  1. A Turn for the Worse
  2. The Courtroom
  3. Anguish and Exhaustion
  4. Robespierre
  5. Marie's Release
  6. Arrival in Nantes
  7. Arrested
  8. Guilty
  9. The Voyage de Galiot
  10. Home Again
  11. Poetic Justice
In addition to the two CD set we were given access to Live the Adventure Club where various

resources including forums for chatting with homeschooling parents, history lovers, etc. Access to the

Library on Live the Adventure Club let us download the e-book of In The Reign of Terror and a

Study Guide to work on with the story. Each Track on the CD has a section in the study guide which

consist of :
  • Listening Well
  • Thinking Further
  • Defining Words
  • Expand Your Learning
At the end of the study guide there are three Bible Studies and historical background. The questions

in the study guide aren't long and hard to answer and could be done while listening to the audio.

Other bonus materials available on the Live the Adventure Club site are:

  • Audio Drama - In The Reign of Terror Listen Online
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Printable Cast Poster
  • Inspirational Verse Poster
  • Desktop Wallpaper download
  • Official script Download
Heirloom Audio Productions
I'm new at doing reviews and I had never heard of Heirloom Audio Production, which offer this

product. I was very impressed with their "Christian Heroes For Christian Kids" on the homepage. It's

hard to find history that includes God these days.

What Did We Think?

I enjoyed listening to the CD's again as I wrote this review. Got a little confused/frustrated when I

was trying to read along in the e-book as I listened the first time. Just like when you read a book then

watch the movie......things aren't the same. I thought this would be something great to listen to in the

car on a trip. I felt like I was there in the turmoil as history unfolded.

Would We Recommend It?

Yes we would recommend learning about history with the audio theater.

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Instagram: @HeirloomAudioOfficial

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Winding Down

July has been a busy month making August look calm so far. Jacob helped with VBS then off to Kentucky on a mission trip for a week. He came home on Friday and had his wisdom teeth removed on Monday. That worked out well because he got to rest from the trip and heal from the surgery all at once. Now rested he's ready to hit the floor running.
Jacob has fallen in love with a small community in SC where many of our family lives and their church.He's been trying to get back there since May but we haven't been able to go till now.We are driving down to drop him off with our cousin for the week.Guessing God's preparing me for his new adventures at college.So as we wind down this month I am praying for a slower August.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Flying with Doctor Aviation Review

Doctor Aviation
When The Review Crew was given the opportunity in June to get a free subscription to

Doctor Aviation I got really excited. Jacob and I flew on an airplane for the first time four years ago

from North Carolina to California and we both loved it, except changing planes in Atlanta, Georgia.

We've decided no matter where you're going to you have to go to the airport in Atlanta. Ha!! On our

flight home Jacob informed me that he wanted to be a pilot. Okay....and the investigating of what it

takes to be a pilot began. My father served in the United States Air Force so Jacob is an Air Force

guy so when I clicked on the Doctor Aviation web site and watched "Intro to Doctor Aviation" I was

even more excited to learn that Daryl Smith, also known as Doctor Aviation,  was a pilot in the Air

Force for 24 years and a professor at the United States Air Force Academy. Two pluses to reviewing

this six month Aviation Online Training Videos  course already.

What is Doctor Aviation?

           Doctor Aviation is an online educational course that covers topics such as flight, aircraft

maintenance, air traffic control and how to run an airport. It is suggested for high school students or

adults. There are 15 sessions in this course which include videos broken down into technical trivia, a

notable figure in aviation and an important  event in aviation. Each video is between 45 minutes to an

hour. There are printable guided notes and additional recommended resources for each video session.

A "Dashboard" will keep you on track during this course.

Session 1: Course Overview: The Aviation System

               I. The Aircraft

Session 2: The Major Components of an Airplane
Session 3: Axes and Forces
Session 4: Why an Aircraft Flies: The Secret of Airfoils and Lift
Session 5: Why an Aircraft Turns, Pitches and Slides: The Flight Controls

               II. Air Traffic Control

Session 6: How We See an Aircraft Miles Away: The Secrets of Radar
Session 7: The Air Traffic Cops: How Air Traffic Control Works

               III.  Maintenance

Session 8: Keep ‘Em Flying: Aircraft Maintenance – Propeller Engines
Session 9: Keep ‘Em Flying: Aircraft Maintenance – Jet Engines

                IV. Airfield Operations

Session 10: The City in and of Itself: Running a Large Airport
Session 11: The Small Airport and Running an FBO

               V. The Aircraft II

Session 12: Flying in the Clear and Not so Clear Air: VMC and IMC
Session 13: Important Pilot Instruments – Attitude Indicator
Session 14: Important Pilot Instruments – Airspeed Indicator
Session 15: Other Aviation Ships: Gliders, Helicopters, Airships

All of this can be yours for $99 for six months. The Doctor Aviation Course can be taken to earn half

high school credit.

How Did We Use It?

Well I thought Jacob would be excited about this course but not so much. I was able to get him to

watch one video and that was all he could watch. I watched/listened to the videos and I tried to do at

least one a week.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes I would definitely recommend it for someone interested in being a pilot or wanting to learn about

airplane or the industry. I suggest trying Session 1 free to show you what you will be getting and reading about what it's about.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trust Fund

Trust Fund Movie
We enjoy watching good movies and have a wide collection so when the Homeschool Review Crew

was offered the opportunity to receive the movie "Trust Fund" I quickly signed up. In exchange for

watching and reviewing Trust Fund we received the dvd free of charge.

Mapelle Films offers this movie which is  produced by an early homeschool graduate, Isaac Alongi

who has worked for 15 years with Sandra Martin writer/director of Trust Fund. This movie received

the dove seal for age 12+ and younger children when watched as a family. Trust Fund is a modern

day story of  the Prodigal Daughter and very well put together so it can be enjoyed while learning

what many experience today. There's a free downloadable study guide and movie clips that can be

used in conjunction with the movie for families to dig deeper or use in small study groups.

Reese is one of two daughters and seems to get away with anything and everything she wants with

her dad. Eventually some of the things she has gotten into catch up with her and she almost looses

everything. Her sister, Audrey is the one who is more level-headed, working with her dad at the

successful company, earning her way in life unlike her sister. She is very resentful of Reese which

causes turmoil in the family'll have to watch Trust Fund to see what happens.

I had planned to watch this with Jacob but he's been doing mission work and had his wisdom teeth

taken out so I enjoyed just some me time with this one. Once things settle down I know he will watch

this and hopefully learn something from it. He's got two older brothers and struggles with "why do

you still do for them when they have done bad things?" I've told him that's how God is with ALL

people and we as Christians are trying to be like Christ.

I would highly recommend this movie to families and even youth group movie night would be great.

I was so happy I got to review this movie because we always need reminders in life.

Don't forget to follow Trust Fund Movie on social media:

Mapelle Films

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Today's Wisdom

Today Jacob is having his wisdom teeth taken out.Not a fun thing to have done but after a week of working in Kentucky with our mission team he'll get some much needed rest. He's been a little nervous and asked if he got to keep his teeth so I reminded him to ask the nurse. She told him as long as they could get it out intact he could keep it.I think that made him the medicine he took an hour before surgery didn't hurt .LOL!!!
About an hour later and he's all done with the souvenir of one wisdom tooth to take home. When I asked him earlier why he wanted to keep his teeth his response was  "I gotta keep my wisdom". Too funny. When I went back after surgery I asked if he was expecting the Tooth Fairy to visit. With a head-shake of no I could mentally hear him say."Really?"That's his "word" and yes it dopes make a momma go bonkers sometimes but I thank God everyday for allowing me to be his "bonkers mom".
After Grandma and I got him in the car we headed for the closest drugstore because we live about an hour and a half from where we were and we wanted to make sure to keep him from hurting. Poor guy hadn't eaten since midnight and it was now noon so while Grandma was in getting his medicine I get this text. "Can I get some mashed potatoes and mac-n-cheese from KFC?"So yes we stopped and he got maybe 2 bites in before taking medicine and going to sleep.
We made it home, iced his face, removed his hearing aides and back to sleep. Needless to say my house is so quite I may try to sneak a nap in too.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fascinating Education/Fascinating Biology

Fascinating Education

In June we were offered the opportunity to receive a course for a year free to review

Fascinating Education. This is an online course featuring various Science Education such

as Chemistry, Biology and Physics for high school homeschool students. This program

was developed by Dr. Margulies, a retired neurologist, author and an expert witness in

the field of neurology. We chose to explore Fascinating Biology first but the suggested

course of study is to start with Chemistry and then Biology. If you, like us do choose to

complete Biology first, there is Chemistry Pre-Course for Biology that contains six

lessons that can be completed first, at an extra cost. There’s also a Chemistry Review

included in Fascinating Biology as Lesson 2.Ok so we do things out of order sometimes

 but that makes life interesting.

Fascinating Biology is an online homeschool science curriculum for high school students.

It is an 18 lesson video course complete with written downloadable script of the video

and a test at the end of every lesson. The video/slide presentations are approximately 45

minutes each lesson. The test may be taken online multiple times to learn the correct

answer and pass. The test is set up to let you review what you missed before attempting it



Lessons in Fascinating Biology:

Lesson 1:  What Is Life

Lesson 2:  Chemistry Review

Lesson 3:  The Cell Membrane

Lesson 4:  Take in Nutrients

Lesson 5:  Take in Energy - Part 1

Lesson 6:  Take in Energy - Part 2

Lesson 7:  Take in Energy - Part 3

Lesson 8:  Take in Energy - Part 4

Lesson 9:  Grow

Lesson 10: Reproduce - Part 1

Lesson 11: Reproduce - Part 2

Lesson 12: Reproduce - Part 3

Lesson 13: Homeostasis - Part 1

Lesson 14: Homeostasis - Part 2

Lesson 15: Adapt - Part 1

Lesson 16: Adapt - Part 2

Lesson 17: Prokaryotes, Protists, Animals, Fungi

Lesson 18: Plants

How We Used It

Once logged in I sat with my son and watched the video then discussed the test questions

with him while he was taking the test. The first lesson was pretty easy to get him to do

but the following lessons were a little harder to get him to watch. There’s a menu tab with

the video that shows what is covered in that lesson and the next few lessons overwhelmed

him before he started. He’s a special needs child and to see the menu look like it fills the

whole screen makes him automatically turn his brain off. Tried watching a little at a time

and that worked pretty well. Maybe the option of hiding the menu bar would be

beneficial to special need as well as typical kiddos.

Would I Recommend Fascinating Biology?

Yes I would recommend it to others but more typical kiddos and not special needs. I

would have liked to have seen a few experiments thrown in on a couple of lessons. I did

like that the last few slides in the video was kind of like a review of each lesson, The

videos were bright and eye catching, not boring and along with the menu tab there is a

glossary tab giving the definitions of certain words.

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