Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fall Journey's

Wow it's been a while since I added to the blog. We did get our trip to the apple orchard in.Of course we ended up with more apples than we planned but it's so much fun picking them. Jacob and I have made Apple Sauce, Apple Butter, Apple Chips,Apple Scrap Jelly and made Apple Pie filling for later. Yes my house has smelled heavenly

                                          A lot of apples on the ground from the remnants
                                          of the hurricane

                                                           Jacob is in this tree

                                          What a view
                                                           We have been coming here for 20 years
Jacob's 1st orchard adventure

We took our trip to Dollywood in October for the Gospel & Harvest Celebration. We spent a couple days in Tennessee so Jacob could spend more time seeing some different groups this year. I am blessed that he loves Southern Gospel music versus some of the other music out there.

We really had fun looking at all the cool Halloween stuff they had this year.

We also went to The Island at Pigeon Forge which was decorated so pretty for Fall.

So we have been busy but so blessed that we can stay busy. Never give up on your dreams,family,life or God

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