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Gospel Tracts and Evangilism Tools Sampler Pack

For this review we were sent the Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack from

Let the Little Children Come. This sampler pack is an awesome variety of items to spread the

Gospel to children of all ages. It contains 10 of their most popular Evangelism Tools and Gospel

Tracks to help share the Gospel and simply explain God's plan for His children. The sampler pack

contains pop up book style tracts (2),animated tracts that look like they come alive when the plastic

card is moved over them (3), beaded salvation bracelet with directions and explanation what the

beads represent, a multi-colored silicone salvation bracelet, 2 flip-abouts(folding and unfolding to

revel 4 pictures) and one wordless book.

 Let the Little Children Come Gospel Tracks

Pop up style tracts are sure to get and keep the attention on children. The Most Amazing House

explains and shows how God has a beautiful house for all of us in Heaven . It explains that we

have all sinned and gives examples of sins. After the story of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins

there are the ABC of how to accept God and then a prayer to be prayed. This pop up tract would be

great to have on hand anywhere and anytime. Our church does a Children's Time before our 

preacher delivers his sermon on Sunday and The Lost Easter Egg pop up tract  would be

awesome to give to the kids on Easter. This tract explains why we celebrate Easter and also spells

out the ABC's of accepting God in our lives.

 Let the Little Children Come Gospel Tracks
As a child I enjoyed the "magic" of things like the animated tracts and as an adult I'm still

a big fan of them. Each page has an animation that goes along with the story and will keep you

moving the plastic card over and over to see the picture come to life.

 Let the Little Children Come Gospel Tracks
The wordless bracelet kit is a great activity to do with older children, don't want swallowed beads,

in Sunday School or Children's church. The silicone Salvation bracelets are available in small,

medium and large sizes and would be great for smaller children as well as adults. These would be

something good to put in treat bags at parties or at Christmas. There's also a "Wordless" book that

was first used by Charles Spurgeon in 1866 and is used all over the world today to teach children

about the gospel.

Let The Little Children Come. This sampler pack is available for $11.95 when you buy 1 - 10 and 

the price reduces when you buy more. This sampler pack gives you a chance to try the various

products and then if there are certain ones you just love and feel they would work in your ministry

they can be purchased separately.

Let The Little Children Come

What Did I Think

I loved being able to touch and try all these great teaching items. I also loved that the sample pack

was enclosed in a nice clear plastic zipper bag. A great way to always have the tracts readily

available and not worry about them getting "messed up".  Jacob volunteers at one of our local soup

kitchen and chapel so he will be using these items to spread the gospel to all who come.  I would

recommend these to all who want to share about God, His love and how to receive Him in your life.

We never know when we are going to have the opportunity so we should always be prepare.

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