Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fall Fun

     We buy yearly passes for Dollywood mainly for the Harvest Southern Gospel Festival that last

the whole month of October.Jacob loves Southern Gospel and keeps up with many groups and

individuals via Singing News, Instagram and T.V. When the schedule for the festival is available he

sits down and makes his list of who he really wants to see. This year we got to see some different

groups perform and we really enjoyed it.

     The leaves weren't as pretty when we went to Tennessee but God's landscape is ALWAYS

beautiful. No matter how many times I travel through the mountains I'm amazed how something so

big and rugged could be so soft and small in God's world. So many times we don't stop and look at

the beauty but complain about the ugliness and miss His blessings.

     I want to say fall is my favorite time of year but I also love spring (except the allergies). There are

so many things to do and participate in that if you don't watch it major overload. Picking apples has

been something we've done since moving to NC 22years ago but this year we've gotten overloaded

and haven't gone. Jacob has found some Apple recipes(jelly,applebutter,etc.) that he wants to try this

year so not sure there are any apples to pick but we're heading out today to see.

     With this new season Jacob has set out on a new adventure.....The Red Bow Tie Club. He is

volunteering as an usher at The Foundation which is where there are concerts,plays,etc. He did his

first concert last week and really enjoyed it so much that he's decided he wants to add more programs

to his list. I am so proud of him!!! This is a big step for him to actually go to an event without

me being present. Most people don't know he has many health problems and assume he's just a

momma's boy. Well this momma is Jacob's biggest cheerleader. Enjoy Fall Y'all and stop to look at

God's beauty around you be it mountains,beaches,prairies.

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