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Manhood Journey Father’s Starter Kit [Manhood Journey & City on a Hill Studio Reviews]

The Manhood Journey 

As a single mom of three guys with the youngest turning 18 last week this was the perfect journey to embark on. We’ve been given the opportunity to review The Manhood Journey Father’s Starter Kit by Manhood Journey and City on a Hill Studio.  This is a father son Bible study but it’s also a great Bible study for boys age 8- 17 that can be done in small study groups.
Our original plan was to use this study with one of my sons’ mentors from church but God had other plans. My brother-in-law and Jacob have been working with each other through “Skype and telephone and I’ve listened in a little and it seems to be going well.

The Father’s Starter Kit contains:
1 Embarking Group Guide
1 Embarking 1 on 1 Guide
1 DVD with introductory videos to all 6 modules in Manhood Journey
10 Maprochures that have a map to keep track of your journey on one side and brief descriptions of all the modules in Manhood Journey
1 free copy of the book Wise Guys: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom From The Men Around You written by Kent Evans, co-founder on Manhood Journey.

The group guide would be something great to do with the young men at church. This guide has links you can go to for some visual illustrations to work with the young men. This module is a six week study with “homework” for the dad’s/mentors as well as the guys. 
The 1 on 1 guide c an be used with a couple of boys but it’s meant to help dad and son grow closer and learn a little more about each other. There are the Five “Big Rocks” in becoming a Godly man that are the foundation of the Embarking module: Trust God, Knows His Word, Prays Fervently, Builds Relationships and Serves Others. There are Bible readings, Bible verses to memorize and questions to discuss.
My brother-in-law and Jacob called/Skyped weekly and sometimes more. I felt with this study Jacob was more comfortable to call/text his uncle with any questions or thoughts he had during the week.
We did feel a little overwhelmed at first because my son felt like in the 1 on 1 guide everything ran together. After the second week and no book just talking to his uncle things seemed a little clearer. I’ve done many Bible studies and I read through the group guide which I thought was very well put together and easy to understand.
Jacob is not a reader but he immediately took “Wise Guys” and began reading it. Kent writes this book about men in his life that he’s modeled his own life after. At the end of each chapter Kent has included “Lessons Learned“ and “Questions to Consider” so it makes you think about what you’ve read. Jacob has told me little snippets from the book and from what he’s shared this would be a good book for all young men to read.

I am planning to pass this study information along to our youth pastor and youth teacher to use for our guys to have a small group study. The young men of our churches are our futures and need to be taught how to be Godly men. This is a wonderful way to start whether it be with their father’s, step-father’s, uncles, grandfathers or Godly mentors Manhood Journey is a way to teach Biblical manhood.

Manhood Journey

City on a Hill

Manhood Journey Father's Starter Kit {Manhood Journey & City on a Hill Studio Reviews}

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