Saturday, March 4, 2017

March ALREADY!!!!

    It's hard to believe it's March already. My baby will be turning 18 this month and I'm really not ready for that. Where has the time gone?
    March came in like a lion here with high winds and now we're getting freezing temps again. While we had some nice sunshiny days Jacob and I worked in the yard. I raked leaves in piles to burn later and he worked on his garden.
He has an awesome strawberry patch that has multiplied beyond what he expected. We also have some raised beds and bath tubs, yes I said bath tubs, that we plant veggies and herbs. Not sure what all he's planning on planting this year but I'm sure it'll be fun and delicious. We have 2 uncles in Florida that he really respects and love that also garden so he listens to what they say more than his grandmother and I.I grew up in Florida and my parents had a BIG garden that I helped tend to ( hated it then but appreciate it now) and my mother grew up farming in South Carolina and Florida so we do know a little.LOL!!
    Jacob has started a Lenten Calendar Countdown to Easter on Ash Wednesday. Each chain has something different on them, Pray for..... Read Isaiah 58:6-7 and Give up....  and he wasn't to happy with his first "chain". Thursday's chain said "No T.V." so he sulked when he read that. There are days our T.V. never gets turned on but like anything else when you're not supposed to do it or eat it that's when you really want to. We survived and got to listen to his new cd's from Winter Jam.

    Hoping for a good weekend as we travel to Tennessee to say good-bye to our cousin Andrew. He was only 19 and his death is hitting Jacob pretty hard since he's got Epilepsy and close in age. I know God's got this and I pray for comfort for all of my family during these rough times.

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