Wednesday, April 26, 2017

College Whirlwind.....

  Well the college tour whirlwind started yesterday with our first visit to Gardner Webb University.

This is a private,Christian,Baptist-related university where Jacob took swimming lessons as a young

boy. I never imagined I'd be taking a tour of it when he got old enough to attend. I have to admit I

was a little nervous, oh who am I kidding A LOT nervous while Jacob was excited. This was our first

stop......personalized parking spot.

    After checking in we got to watch a short video about the school. Video finished and the Assistant

Director of Admissions came in and spoke with us. Jacob got a reality check when he was asked

about ACT and SAT testing. We haven't done any of this testing because up until about 5 months ago

he wasn't going to college. My concern about testing was if there were any kind of accommodations

for his special needs. I came straight home and started researching and YES there's various


     Next came the tour of the campus. Since I'm in a wheelchair and my mother was also with us we

got to take our tour on the golf cart. Beautiful campus and our guide was very informative. We've

attended several Christian Services Organization programs at the student activities building but never

toured the entire campus. Good thing we got to ride the golf cart because I'm not sure we'd have

everyone with us the whole tour.

     Upon returning to the admissions building our guide, Morgan answered our questions and then

prayed with us. She told us how to drive back to the student services building because no trip

anywhere with Jacob is complete without a shirt or souvenir.

Next week two visits....

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