Thursday, November 10, 2016

   So much to learn about and celebrate in November ( Native American Heritage Month, Election Day, my dad's birthday, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and much more).
   Jacob started the Native American Heritage in October getting to know many of our family in S.C. My side of the family  have Cherokee and Santee while Jacob also has Algonquin from his father's side. We are very proud of our heritage and ancestors and are digging to find out all we can.
   For Election Day Hunter and Jacob "secretly" voted for President, raising taxes, importing illegal people and free ice cream (big YES by both).Jacob spent the day following the election on TV and updating me as to what was happening. Hunter and I made a calming jar to help calm the situation. Ha ha!
   Special flowers have been placed on my dads grave for his birthday and we will put his flag out today for  Veterans day. Very proud to remember all Veterans but love how much Jacob is dedicated to supporting the US Air Force since Dad was Air Force.
   And so we travel along the learning trail. Hope y'all have a blessed day!!

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