Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Countdown to Christmas

   Our December and countdown to Christmas has kept all in our family busy.So many questions from Hunter and Jacob has really stepped up trying to help answer those questions.
   Jacob decorated our tree by himself this year using all our ornaments we've gotten from Hospice every year since my dad passed and a few homemade ones he and his older brothers made over the years.Hunter has since added a few he made this month.
   Jacob and I got an early present to recliners.He can kick back,enjoy looking at his Hydro Bear hanging out in the tree and watch Christmas shows.

   God has given us some beautiful sights to remind us of Him and be awed.

   Battled the cold weather to go see Christmas lights and yes Santa.

   Yes we even have Elves at our house but they definitely DON'T stay on the shelf.They leave things for the boys but they also leave notes for them to "give extra hugs", "do an extra chore",etc.The excitement of watching both boys looking the house over is great.

    Still a few days to go so the fun continues.

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