Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gingerbread House Fun

   We live close enough to Asheville, NC that we go every year to The  Grove Park Inn to see the  National Gingerbread House Competition and this was Hunter's first time going. Jacob had put this on his list of Christmas things to do list so it was a must we go. It was crazy busy but there were some awesome pieces. You look at many and wonder how it was made since everything has to be edible on the pieces so with that being said Hunter's response was, "Can we eat them?"

   The Inn is decorated so beautifully and the lobby has two huge fireplaces with rocking chairs to enjoy. We even found a couple of Elf's on the Trees in the lobby and an old car on display.

    Hunter had his hands on the metal of the windows and thought he'd warm them up on Grandma.

    Watch out Hunter's driving the sleigh. We ended our Asheville adventure eating at Fuddruckers and stopping for Dunkin Donuts.I asked Hunter if he liked the Gingerbread Houses and he said,"No, we couldn't eat them "That was one of many laughs from the day. Jacob is a Florida Gator fan big time and as we got off the elevator two women were sitting in the hall. One was wearing a Gator hat so Jacob told her he really liked her hat. The younger woman asked if we were fans so we told her our house was divided and she told us her brother played for them. OH Jacob got really EXCITED!!!!!Small world.

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