Monday, February 13, 2017

Busy Weekend =Lazy Monday

    The weekend started Friday with Prom.Jacob is a Special Needs kiddo so he went to "Night to Shine "prom sponsored by The Tim Tebow Foundation.
He had a blast and wants to go again next year. Everyone had their own buddy all night so I just got to breathe and relax. Jacob walked the red carpet,ate dinner, shoes shined, pictures made,rode in a Viper and was crowned prom king.
No he didn't dance because the loud music messed with his hearing aids.
    Saturday was another busy evening for Jacob.Friends from church took him to see "Resurrection of Journey ".Another awesome night for him.
    No rest on Sunday.After church the youth and children hosted a Valentine lunch.They served the whole meal and cleaned up.So proud of our kiddos.
Afterwards we came home and vegetated until bed.A little schoolwork and housework done today but I have to admit it's been nice just staying home and taking it easy.Tomorrow starts the craziness again. ......

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