Thursday, February 9, 2017 Review

    I am so excited to become part of the Homeschool Review Crew and start reviewing the Yearly Membership from are numerous classes with a variety of  subjects and Electives to choose from for Pre K thru 12th grade. There aren’t per student fees so it’s an awesome deal for families. It is a great online product with downloadable, printable work as well as videos and online classes. There’s a Homeschool Parent Support on the site and even a Homeschool Planner to help you keep classes in order. Each course gives a list of “How To Use The Course”,” Course Introduction”,”Components”,how long the course should take and even a Certificate of Completion you can print out for your student. I also liked that they let you know when certain courses would no longer be available on the site so you can chose whether there’s enough time to complete it.
I enjoyed looking through all of the high school subjects and had a hard time picking which ones to start with. I let Jacob, my 17 year old son with Special Needs pick classes he wanted from the High School Homeschool Courses. I had already chosen several courses and he added Foreign Languages, History and Electives. He has recently become very interested in learning about Christianity and the different Religions so he chose to do the History of Christianity and Hebrew. I was happy to find so many courses that he was interested in because it’s usually hard to keep his attention focused on too much. He’s eager to start his schoolwork every day since we’ve started using I’ve always spent many hours looking online at different Unit Studies but now all I have to do is come here because they have them as well.

    I like that we can do these studies on the go or anywhere there’s internet. There are some days the car is our classroom because we have appointments to go to but still need to do our school work. I have printed the worksheets out for the classes we’re working on and put each class in a different color folder. We don’t have to be online for all the courses so even if we aren’t connected Jacob can still work on Spelling. I wish I would have joined years ago and saved so much wasted time and headaches putting curriculum together. There’s pretty much everything here you need to teach your kids in any subject at any level even those kiddos that are Special Needs.

   All members are eligible for a silver membership of applecore which keeps track of attendance, grades and more. There’s a transcript service (gold membership) when you purchase a year membership. I believe this is a win-win deal for those with high schoolers that will need records for college. There is a “College Choice Guidance” course that’s designed to take parents and student through the four years of high school in preparation for college. There are also courses for SAT-ACT Math Test Prep and Writing College Admission Essays. ~ (

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  1. Karen, thanks for the review. I am so glad Jacob found classes he was excited about. We use SchoolhouseTeachers and that was one of the biggest motivators for my son. Keep it up.