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Review of In The Reign of Terror

In the Reign of Terror
In The Reign of Terror is an audio theaters production presented by Heirloom Audio Productions.

You can live the adventure while listening to The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty  on

the two CD's. G.A. Henty not only wrote about adventure, he lived it. He was the author of 122 books

and his published works are estimated to be around 25 million. The audio begins with Mr. George in

Arlington National Cemetery meeting Harry and having a conversation with him in what seems to

be set in a modern time. The story switches to Harry and his father, Dr.Sandwith traveling in a

carriage to send Harry on a boat to France. Harry was a 16 year-old English boy that was going to

live with Marquis de St Caux and the family to be a companion to the children. Harry will teach them

of English ways and in exchange he'll learn French and be educated along with the children. There

are many challenges for Harry and the family during this historical time.

What is Included?

This is a two CD audio drama set.

CD One:
  1. Mr. George in Arlington
  2. Journey to France
  3. Monsieur de Tillet
  4. The St.Cauex Chateau
  5. Dog Attack
  6. The Wolf Hunt
  7. Dark News From Paris
  8. April,1792
  9. All is Lost
  10. Escaping The Mob
  11. Planning and Praying

CD Two:
  1. A Turn for the Worse
  2. The Courtroom
  3. Anguish and Exhaustion
  4. Robespierre
  5. Marie's Release
  6. Arrival in Nantes
  7. Arrested
  8. Guilty
  9. The Voyage de Galiot
  10. Home Again
  11. Poetic Justice
In addition to the two CD set we were given access to Live the Adventure Club where various

resources including forums for chatting with homeschooling parents, history lovers, etc. Access to the

Library on Live the Adventure Club let us download the e-book of In The Reign of Terror and a

Study Guide to work on with the story. Each Track on the CD has a section in the study guide which

consist of :
  • Listening Well
  • Thinking Further
  • Defining Words
  • Expand Your Learning
At the end of the study guide there are three Bible Studies and historical background. The questions

in the study guide aren't long and hard to answer and could be done while listening to the audio.

Other bonus materials available on the Live the Adventure Club site are:

  • Audio Drama - In The Reign of Terror Listen Online
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Printable Cast Poster
  • Inspirational Verse Poster
  • Desktop Wallpaper download
  • Official script Download
Heirloom Audio Productions
I'm new at doing reviews and I had never heard of Heirloom Audio Production, which offer this

product. I was very impressed with their "Christian Heroes For Christian Kids" on the homepage. It's

hard to find history that includes God these days.

What Did We Think?

I enjoyed listening to the CD's again as I wrote this review. Got a little confused/frustrated when I

was trying to read along in the e-book as I listened the first time. Just like when you read a book then

watch the movie......things aren't the same. I thought this would be something great to listen to in the

car on a trip. I felt like I was there in the turmoil as history unfolded.

Would We Recommend It?

Yes we would recommend learning about history with the audio theater.

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