Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Review of I Can Study Jonah & Ruth Alone With God Bible Study

   When we were offered to do a review for Greek 'n' Stuff I wasn't going to try for it because

I thought "Greek, seriously we won't ever use that". After going to the website for Greek 'n' Stuff

I realized they also offered some awesome Bible Studies. I gave Jacob the choice of which Bible

study he wanted to do and he chose I Can Study Jonah & Ruth Alone With God. The study is a 13

week program by Karen Mohs who is also the founder of Greek 'n' Stuff. She offers the Bible

studies in New International Version or King James Version so we did the King James Version. Each

lesson has six parts for each day of the week. Each daily study is short so my son,18 with some

learning disabilities was able to complete them without any struggles.

   Every day starts out with prayer and reciting or reading the weekly memory verse to help with

learning it. Following prayer and memory verse are two to three questions about the scripture

being studied. There are little boxes every day beside the questions that give information and

details about things in the scripture that one may not know. The first five weeks are devoted to

Jonah and learning to obey God while the last eight weeks are about Ruth and how she's blessed

because she chose God.

   This study is very reasonably priced at $8.95 a book and there's a Sample page to see if the study

works for you. It is intended for only one person per book but at this price it's a steal.The book is a

nice sturdy glossy covered spiral bond notebook which makes it easy to use and keep to study again

later or refresh yourself. There's the front page where your student can write their name and a note to

the parents to help guide you when using the study.

What Did We Think?

   A great Bible study for not only a homeschool student but I believe this would be a great study for

a youth group or Sunday School class. Short enough it can be covered in a small amount of class time

but in depth enough to make you think and learn new things.

Would We Recommend This?

   Yes as a matter of fact I'm going to share the Greek 'n' Stuff website with our youth pastor and the

youth teacher at our church. We have a number of children that have moved up to youth this year and

I think this may help their Christian growth. I believe this would be an excellent Bible study for adult

as well as children and youth. Go check out the web site and see for yourself. Don't let the name fool

you like it did me. Feel blessed to have gotten this opportunity and I hope you will too.

Greek 'n' Stuff

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