Monday, January 1, 2018

Good-Bye 2017........Hello 2018

Reflecting back on the past year brings laughs,smiles,tears and heart-aches. As I remember Jacobs

milestones like graduating high school I'm a proud momma. I know God had both of us during this

homeschool journey and I thank Him constantly for all He does. College is our next journey and

I know Gods got that too. Jacob being deaf/hard of hearing has caused him to delay going off to

school for now. We are in the process of trying to get him a "hearing" service dog because when

Jacob takes his hearing aides out he hears NOTHING. We had to wait until he turned 18 and it is a

process that takes a while to see if he's eligible.

We've traveled less this past year due to health issues amongst all of us but we did travel to

Ft. Payne, Alabama to visit our cousins. This was a new town for us and we are ready to go back to

explore some more.

We also went to Chickamauga, Georgia to the battleground. My aunt was born and raised in this area

so it was pretty awesome to visit her hometown. We didn't get to go in the museum because it was so

late in the afternoon but the ride checking out the monuments was great. We got a special

treat.....DEAR. We got to see several dear throughout the drive.

Camping, canoeing, camp fire, putt putt was also a "new" adventure for Jacob and I. Yes he was in

the Cub/Boy Scouts but I've been in a wheelchair since he was four so I've never been camping

with him like I did with my older sons. We had a blast.

So as we start 2018 we pray for all a healthy happy new year and may God bless you all.

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