Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March Already?????

It's hard to believe it's March already.It's been rainy and gray here in NC a lot in this first week. I'm like a lot of others I know....bring on Spring.Yes that means pollen and lots of yardwork but we've had a very cold,don't open the door, 5 layers of clothes winter so ready to escape the house. One day this week was beautiful so I pulled the blower out and began blowing leaves.....and the winds started blowing. Oh well blow in the same direction as the wind.My mom bought Jacob a riding lawnmower and a trailer last year so he was happy to hook up and gather leaves.My oldest son and my mom heard me in the yard working so it didn't take them long to get started as well.(I think we're ALL sick of sitting in the house).
We went to SC to see family and let Jacob spend a week with one of his favorite cousins in his favorite community.The pollen there is so bad everything is yellow.Our cousin said she couldn't hardly tell which car was hers in the parking lot because of pollen. Ha ha! It was beautiful while we were there but as we headed know it.....rainy and cold. Glad God knows what we need cause I sure wouldn't think we needed anymore rain.
Blessed to live in North Carolina along the route Billy Graham was driven from The Cove Training Center to The Billy Graham Library.Mom and I went and saw the motorcade and paid respects but Jacob(who really wanted to go to the Library) had construction training with the mission team. He has watched and/or recorded just about everything that's been on TV about Mr. Graham.I thank God for all He's done in Jacobs life.
Well Spring cleaning/purging here I come while Jacob is away. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

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