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Internship for High School Credit Review

We were recently given the opportunity to receive Internship for High School Credit from

Apologia Educational Ministries for use to review. Even though Jacob graduated from high school

this year I thought it would be very beneficial to him as well as me to review this. He won't receive

high school credits towards his education but this book will definitely help him in his next steps of


Internship for High School Credit
What is Internship for High School Credit?

Internship for High School Credit is a 99 - page spiral-bound workbook for high school students and

their parents to learn the process of interning for high school credits. First thing when you open the

book is the Introduction which gives you answers as to what an internship is and how it's beneficial 

to a high school student. There's also a How to Use This Workbook which explains the bulk of the

workbook contains worksheets to document experiences during internship.

There are five divisions in this book to take you step by step through the internship process.

 Part 1 : Getting Started

             Explains how to determine type of internship and choose which field of work interest you.

             This section also teaches how to receive high school credit, write a Student Resume (sample

             Resume), write a Letter of  Introduction (sample letter),Interview tips, after the interview

             and getting ready for the first day.

Part 2 : Information for Parents

             How to choose an Internship location, Child Labor, Transcript Documentation, course title

             and number, number of credits and grades.

Part 3 : First Semester

            This section will teach you how to use the worksheets, help figure out the semester goals.

            There are weekly worksheets to keep track of the days and hours worked and Questions and

            Activities for each week that the intern will answer. There's also a Midterm Work Performance

            and an End-of-Semester Work Performance sheet for the supervisor to fill out about your

            work. At the end of this part there's a worksheet to write skills gained during this internship.

Part 4 : Second Semester 

            This section is for a person who has completed the first semester and starts a second semester

            of internship. Instead of weekly worksheets this section has Biweekly worksheets.

Part 5 : Course Wrap-Up

            This section is for completing the internship with a final writing assignment, Thank - You

            notes, Letter of Recommendation and updating your Resume.

How Did We Use It?

When we first received it I thought about how we could use it to benefit Jacob and I hit a brick wall

at first. He enjoys doing yard work so we thought about contacting a landscape company but our

answer was right in front of our face the whole time. Jacob volunteers at one of our local soup

kitchens where there's a chapel and he talks with different people sharing about God. A couple from

our church has a counseling service they operate at the same location and have taken Jacob under

their wings. Jacob feels a calling into the ministry so what better way to use this internship program.

He has been filling out the worksheets along and we are working on a Resume.

I really liked the Tips that were found throughout the book like How To Dress. The author, Sherri

Selgson added quotes from famous people through out the book that made me feel like a dose of

encouragement for the student and the parent. I would recommend this to anyone who has children

going into high school or wanting help deciding what field of work they may be interested in.

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