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Fascinating Education/Fascinating Biology

Fascinating Education

In June we were offered the opportunity to receive a course for a year free to review

Fascinating Education. This is an online course featuring various Science Education such

as Chemistry, Biology and Physics for high school homeschool students. This program

was developed by Dr. Margulies, a retired neurologist, author and an expert witness in

the field of neurology. We chose to explore Fascinating Biology first but the suggested

course of study is to start with Chemistry and then Biology. If you, like us do choose to

complete Biology first, there is Chemistry Pre-Course for Biology that contains six

lessons that can be completed first, at an extra cost. There’s also a Chemistry Review

included in Fascinating Biology as Lesson 2.Ok so we do things out of order sometimes

 but that makes life interesting.

Fascinating Biology is an online homeschool science curriculum for high school students.

It is an 18 lesson video course complete with written downloadable script of the video

and a test at the end of every lesson. The video/slide presentations are approximately 45

minutes each lesson. The test may be taken online multiple times to learn the correct

answer and pass. The test is set up to let you review what you missed before attempting it



Lessons in Fascinating Biology:

Lesson 1:  What Is Life

Lesson 2:  Chemistry Review

Lesson 3:  The Cell Membrane

Lesson 4:  Take in Nutrients

Lesson 5:  Take in Energy - Part 1

Lesson 6:  Take in Energy - Part 2

Lesson 7:  Take in Energy - Part 3

Lesson 8:  Take in Energy - Part 4

Lesson 9:  Grow

Lesson 10: Reproduce - Part 1

Lesson 11: Reproduce - Part 2

Lesson 12: Reproduce - Part 3

Lesson 13: Homeostasis - Part 1

Lesson 14: Homeostasis - Part 2

Lesson 15: Adapt - Part 1

Lesson 16: Adapt - Part 2

Lesson 17: Prokaryotes, Protists, Animals, Fungi

Lesson 18: Plants

How We Used It

Once logged in I sat with my son and watched the video then discussed the test questions

with him while he was taking the test. The first lesson was pretty easy to get him to do

but the following lessons were a little harder to get him to watch. There’s a menu tab with

the video that shows what is covered in that lesson and the next few lessons overwhelmed

him before he started. He’s a special needs child and to see the menu look like it fills the

whole screen makes him automatically turn his brain off. Tried watching a little at a time

and that worked pretty well. Maybe the option of hiding the menu bar would be

beneficial to special need as well as typical kiddos.

Would I Recommend Fascinating Biology?

Yes I would recommend it to others but more typical kiddos and not special needs. I

would have liked to have seen a few experiments thrown in on a couple of lessons. I did

like that the last few slides in the video was kind of like a review of each lesson, The

videos were bright and eye catching, not boring and along with the menu tab there is a

glossary tab giving the definitions of certain words.

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