Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trust Fund

Trust Fund Movie
We enjoy watching good movies and have a wide collection so when the Homeschool Review Crew

was offered the opportunity to receive the movie "Trust Fund" I quickly signed up. In exchange for

watching and reviewing Trust Fund we received the dvd free of charge.

Mapelle Films offers this movie which is  produced by an early homeschool graduate, Isaac Alongi

who has worked for 15 years with Sandra Martin writer/director of Trust Fund. This movie received

the dove seal for age 12+ and younger children when watched as a family. Trust Fund is a modern

day story of  the Prodigal Daughter and very well put together so it can be enjoyed while learning

what many experience today. There's a free downloadable study guide and movie clips that can be

used in conjunction with the movie for families to dig deeper or use in small study groups.

Reese is one of two daughters and seems to get away with anything and everything she wants with

her dad. Eventually some of the things she has gotten into catch up with her and she almost looses

everything. Her sister, Audrey is the one who is more level-headed, working with her dad at the

successful company, earning her way in life unlike her sister. She is very resentful of Reese which

causes turmoil in the family but.........you'll have to watch Trust Fund to see what happens.

I had planned to watch this with Jacob but he's been doing mission work and had his wisdom teeth

taken out so I enjoyed just some me time with this one. Once things settle down I know he will watch

this and hopefully learn something from it. He's got two older brothers and struggles with "why do

you still do for them when they have done bad things?" I've told him that's how God is with ALL

people and we as Christians are trying to be like Christ.

I would highly recommend this movie to families and even youth group movie night would be great.

I was so happy I got to review this movie because we always need reminders in life.

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