Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Absolutely Captain Absolutely

 Captain Absolutely

WOW!!!!My son hasn't loved reading a book till we received Captain Absolutely to review.He had

been anxiously waiting for the mailman to deliver the package.The day it came he tore into the

package like it was a Christmas or Birthday present.

Captain Absolutely Defending Truth,Justice,and Lots More Truuuth is a comic book where a

librarian straightening books up while his sunflower seed eating friend causes an explosion in the

library. Captain Absolutely rises from the ashes and finds himself in a room with books he's never

seen before......BIBLES. He reads these various Bibles while waiting to be rescued and breathes in

toxic air and his life was changed forever. This book is offered by Focus on the Family and is based

on a character from Adventures in Odyssey. It  shows kids how to stand firm in their faith by using

God's word to  make decisions.Wooton Z. Bassett is the writer and creator of Captain Absolutely and

his purpose was to show that bad guys try to mess with your visions and how to combat their lies. It

took him five years to put the total comic book together but it was well worth the wait.

The recommended age for this book is 8 - 12 year olds but my son,18, really enjoyed reading and

going on the adventures of Captain Absolutely and proudly shared with a friend he was reading and

reviewing the book.. It's a beautifully illustrated book that's easy to read and learn about God's

truth,justice and defending it in today's world. No matter what the situation,stealing,lying,loneliness

Captain Absolutely reminds everyone knowing God and following Him will make your life better.

I liked that there are bios of the characters from the book at the end. Also included at the end of the

book are  two pages of "Big Questions".On the pages with the Big Questions are reference pages to

go back and find  where they're located in the comic.It's also suggest  to talk to a parent or youth

leader about these  questions as you dig deeper in your faith. While reading this book I realize that

sometimes people just need to be shown God's love and words in an easy to understand form and I

think Mr.Bassett has achieved that with this book.

We would definitely recommend this book to other youngsters, older teens and even adults. Jacob has

even asked for more books like this to read. SCORE!!!

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