Tuesday, May 2, 2017

ArtAchieve Review

I've never been an artist and Jacob has asked many times "How do you draw.....?" I felt bad not being

able to teach him how to draw because my mom and my oldest son are great artist so when I got the

opportunity to review ArtAchieve I jumped at it.When I told Jacob about ArtAchieve you would have

thought it was his birthday or Christmas.


Artachieve is an online subscription art lessons for kids but also a great teaching program for

adults. There are five different levels of lessons to choose from, begging drawing to more in depth

painting. Generally Level One is recommended for age 5 and up, Level Two 7 and up, Level Three

ages 9 and up and Level Four age 10 and up but if you have no drawing experience you should

probably start with Level One. There are some supplies you'll need for these art lessons but don't

worry they aren't expensive or hard to find. And if you're like me don't worry about buying the wrong

supplies because on the list you can click on the item listed and you'll be shown exactly what it is on

Amazon. The site does offer five free art lessons so you can try it before you buy it.The cost is very

reasonable available to purchase individual levels or in bundles of several or all the classes for a

year. John Hofland is the creator of ArtAchieve and a former homeschool dad and an educator.


We chose Entire Level One to work on and found it to be a perfect fit. In Entire Level One there are

12 individual lessons that include Power point version and video versions of the lesson, a warm-up to

print ( practice drawing some of the lines) and a print out of how the finished drawing looks. We used

both the power point and the videos on each lesson to make it easier for Jacob to calmly draw. It is 

suggested to play some calming music and gently rub your face to help you calm down and get in the

drawing zone. Being a teenager Jacob just laughed while rubbing his face and I rubbed mine too. It did

relax me before starting the lesson. This was Jacob's choice for his calming music -

 I liked how it reinforced "There is no wrong way to draw" through out the lessons. Very encouraging

for any one who uses the program.

For each lesson there are suggestions for Cross-Curriculum Connections with different links available

to help you navigate. To see a sample of these connections click Cross-Curriculum

Connections .These are the Hungarian Insects Jacob drew in Level 1 Lesson 3 and we can study

about them in several other subjects.

So grab the kids, paper and art supplies and gather around the computer and enjoy some quality time

and draw. This was the most enjoyable time of the day when we worked on ArtAchieve even though

I didn't draw. We will continue drawing even though the review period is over. Thank you

ArtAchieve for making drawing an enjoyable lesson.

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