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The Typing Coach Online Typing Course

The Typing Coach

When I was in junior high school my counselor signed me up for typing classes as my elective. I was

excited about taking typing because it was something new and challenging. That was quickly

squashed by my dad when I got home with, "That's a wasted class and you're not taking it." Many

years later and many papers typed by slowly pecking the words out and I'm still pecking the words

out. So when we were recently given the opportunity to receive a subscription to

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course to review I jumped at it. This course is offered by

The Typing Coach. With Jacob getting ready to start college in the fall and myself writing reviews

and blog post I thought this practice would better prepare us for faster and more accurate typing.

Jacob has worked on a couple other typing programs over the past few years but nothing like

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course.

What Is The Typing Coach Online Typing Course?

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is a computer-based course taught by David Kimball,

The Typing Coach. He guides you through seven lessons in this course to teach you how to type

proficiently and accurate all without looking at your keyboard. The seven lessons are (1) Having

Good Posture (2) Home Row (3) Top Row (4) Bottom Row (5) Shift Keys (6) Typing Practices (7)

Number Row. Included in the course is a Teachers Resource Center with extra helps for slower paced

learners, younger children and Special Needs, Typing Coach Tickets to give students for a job well

done. There are also some informative videos available in the resource center to watch along with

print outs ( Student Checklist, Progress Reports,etc.)

There are videos, audios and written instructions throughout this course and it is self-paced so you

can work at the area you're on till you've mastered it. There are assessments that have to be taken and

passed before the program will let you move on. This course can also be guided by parents for

younger children or Special Needs.


This online typing course can be purchased for $17 per person for a year. They offer a free trial to try

before you buy. This is a good deal and it will pay off when you can type quickly and accurately.

Age Suggestion

It is suggested that the program is good for the young and old. The slower paced lessons can be used

for children aged 8 - 11 who are not ready for the regular paced lessons or even us adults that aren't

too good at typing. The regular lessons can be used for those 12 and up.

How We Used The Program

I did the program because Jacob being my 18 year old Special Need child couldn't focus on the

lessons. At first I felt a little overwhelmed but gradually got used to what I needed to do. I have

noticed an improvement in my typing, not as many mistakes and a little faster, Still a work in

progress but not sure I'll ever achieve the 45+ words per minute. Being reminded about good posture

has helped eliminate the sore neck and aching back. I would recommend

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course for older children and adults.

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