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Heros of History Billy Graham

YWAM Publishing
I gave Jacob the choice of which book he wanted to review from YWAM Publishing and  their

Heroes of History Series. He chose Billy Graham: America's Pastor which was no surprise to me

since we live in the foothills of North Carolina. We are close to Charlotte, Mr. Graham's

hometown and Montreat, his residence since 1945 so we feel like we have ties with the Graham's.

YWAM Publishing
Jacob started reading the book and he would stop to discuss events

and tidbits of what he had read. Well after several days of him

pealing my interest I picked the book up and started reading

it.This book is great because it combines history and social studies

while it is fun to read and not boring. I have to admit I'm not much

of a reader. I never seem to have "enough time" but

Billy Graham America's Pastor kept me wanting to make time to

read. When Jacob realized I was reading it too he always made

sure he was a couple of chapters ahead of me. He's not a reader

either but when it got quite I'd look in the living room to see his

nose in the book.                             

Before this review I'd never heard of YWAM Publishing or Heroes of History but they have really

got my attention and recommendation to other people.

In the Heroes of History series there are 28 books that can be purchased individually or in the set.

The great thing about these books beside being well written is they all come with study guides. The

study guides are an awesome addition to reading the book. These guides include:
1. Key Quotes
 2. Display Corners
3. Chapter Questions
4. Student Explorations
5. Community Links
6. Social Studies
7. Related Themes to Explore
8. Culminating Event

There are also pages of books and resources to help with more exploration of Billy Graham and his

life as America's Pastor. On the YWAM Publishing website there's also a bonus section with

crossword puzzels,search words and coloring pages just to mention a few.

So how did we use it?

Jacob is more of a verbal learner so not only did he tell me about the book as he was reading I asked

him the questions at the end of each chapter. These questions are great because the first four want

specific answers while the final two questions of each chapter are the opinion of your child. I also

printed out the Billy Graham Fact Sheet ,timeline and maps for Jacob to fill in. The maps are to mark

where all Mr. Graham has traveled, preached and held crusades.

What Did We Think?

We both loved it and plan on purchasing more of The Heroes of History and probably will also buy

from Christian Heroes: Then and Now series. Loved that the writers/publishers recognize everyone

has different learning styles and accommodate this. This book is suggested for 10+ but I feel younger

may be able to have it read to them. Great to do as a family reading time.

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