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Review of Captain Bayley's Heir

Captain Bayley's Heir

     After reviewing one audio theater cd for Heirloom Audio Productions I was thrilled

to get the opportunity to receive Captain Bayley's Heir to enjoy with my son. This audio theater is 

one of The Extraordinary Adventures Of G.A. Henty books and will keep you and your family on

the edge of your seat. G.A. Henty is the author of 122 books and his published works are estimated

to be around 25 million. G.A. Henty not only wrote about the adventures he lived them.

     Captain Bayley's Heir adventure begins with George writing a letter about his encounters along

the way to America's gold rush. He proceeds to tell Frank a young 18 year old curious, carefree

business owner of transporting folks across California that being a Christian isn't about what you do

for God but what He's done for you. Frank asks Mr.George to tell him the story he's writing so we 

are transported to England where the story of Captain Bayley's Heir begins. With this story there are

many twist and turns to keep you guessing what will happen next. Captain Bayley's nephew, Frank 

is accused of something and no one believes he's innocent so he feels the only thing for him to do is

go to America. God has His hand in Frank's life throughout the story but like many of us we don't

see it until later along the way. Frank makes his way in America and later returns to London hoping

to clear his name with the help of family. Captain Bayley's Heir ends leaving you wanting more and

Mr. George gives hints as to other stories to come.

What's Included

     This is a 2 CD audio drama set.

       CD 1

        1. A Grand American Adventure
        2. Our Story Begins In London
        3. Captain Harold Bayley
        4. The Westminster Boys
        5. A Real Fight
        6. Harry's History
        7. Dismissal
        8. America
        9. Abe, Rube and Dickens
      10. Danger On The Trail
      CD 2

       1. Indian Attack
       2. Disquieting News
       3. The Plot Thickens
       4. Prospecting
       5. Pay Dirt,Gentelmen
       6. Amazing Grace
       7. The Shootout
       8. Frank The Hero
       9. Investigation and Exoneration
     10. More Stories To Be Told, More Adventures To Be Had

     In addition to the two CD Christian audio drama we were given access to Live the Adventure Club

where various resources including chatting with other homeschooling parents, history lovers, etc. are

available. Access to the Library on  Live the Adventure Club  allowed us  to download the e-book

and study guide for Captain Bayley's Heir as well as read along with the script used for this heirloom

audio. We found the script very helpful while working on the study guide. The study guide makes a

great homeschool curriculum because it covers many things. Each set of questions for each track of

the cd's covers three areas to make the older students think and the younger student listen more

carefully while enjoying the Christian radio theater. The Listening Well Questions pertain to what

we had heard in the story. The Thinking Further Questions challenges you to investigate a little

further to determine an answer which may be totally different among everyone and that's fine. There's

a Defining Words section for every track where you can have your kids increase their vocabulary.

There's also Expand Your Learning found throughout the study guide that explains some history

not explained in the story. At the end of the study guide you'll find a list of other books that can be

read to learn more about Victorian England and the American West.There are also three Bible

Studies included, God's Grace, Becoming a Christian and Honoring Your Parents.

What Did We Think?

We loved it!!!We took it in the van and listened to it while running errands. The study guide was

a great way to have a great conversation with my son about what we listened to.


Great way to teach History and Bible. Definitely would recommend for ages 6+. This is my second

review for Heirloom Audio Productions and I have to say I wish I'd have known about them

long before now.

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