Monday, September 4, 2017

Some Thoughts

It's been over a week since Hurricane Harvey left it's mark on Texas and then Louisiana and my emotions have been all over the place. We have some personal ties with Texas after traveling there and attending Hydro Camp a few years back. I also have classmates from Florida that call Texas home so there have been a lot of prayers and worry. All of our Hydro friends and my classmates are SAFE and that's what mater because material things CAN be replaced. Many tears have been shed as I've watched the flooding, rescuing and volunteering and feeling of helplessness I feel about being able to help. Prayers are always needed and I CAN do that.

Jacob's wanting to go to Texas to help and I've told him if that's what God has for him to do it will happen in the mean time there are other ways he can help. He's been very "quite" and kinda staying to himself so I'm giving him his space. I'm blessed that he has a servant spirit. Yes as his mother at first I thought "I can't  let him go off to Texas" but then God laid it on my heart the if He has that plan for Jacob I have to be willing to have faith that he'll be fine. I will admit God has been "bopping" me with things a lot lately and I'm glad.
We've gone to Jubilee at Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church the past 3 nights and a calming feeling has come over me every night listening to great music and preaching. This was Jacob's first revival and he really liked it.
So as you say prayers please remember the victims, rescuers and volunteers in Texas and Louisiana. There's another hurricane brewing out there so as we brace for its hit keep the east coast in prayers for safety. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

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