Friday, September 15, 2017

Unauthorized Review

When my sister started telling me about the Homeschool Review Crew she started with "There are
games to review." Well that's all it took to get Jacob on board to do the various reviews and that's
pretty much all I keep hearing about. "When are we getting to review a game Mom?" so I was excited
when Chara Games gave us the opportunity to receive and review Unauthorized. This is a
strategic Christian game that is fun for all who play. Having three boys in our family equals ALOT of
board games and card games in our house. Unauthorized is a great card game that can go anywhere
with you to be played.
Unauthorized is suggested for players 12 and up and 6-12 players per game. This is a great game for
large families, a group of friends, youth groups and/or homeschool groups. The game only takes
between 30-45 minutes to play which is some good quality time to get unplugged
and interact with friends and family. The game is designed with the concept of role-playing in the
world with an underground church. Every game has a police officer and a pastor while every player is
assigned a role with specific abilities.
 The objective is to sway all the players to support
the church or the state which is determined by the 'experience cards' and can change a players
loyalty unexpectedly during the game. During the four rounds of play the game can go any way
quickly. Keeping their supporters out of jail and getting the majority of loyalties is the churches
goal while the state is trying to destroy and crush the church. For the church to win they have
to have a majority of the group loyal to the church and at least one person NOT in prison. The
state wins if the church doesn't reach its goal.
What's Included

Rule Book
Role Cards
Dealer Reference Card
Player Reference Card
Experience Cards

The Rule Book is easy to read but I had a hard time wrapping my head around the written directions

(that's a me thing) so I watched this video.

Unauthorized is by Chara Games which was founded by Patrick and Katherine Lysaght in 2014 to

design and publish Christian themed games.

Chara Games

Where Can I Get It?

Unauthorized is available for purchase through Amazon and at game stores for a very reasonable


What Did We Think?
We  thought it was a good game to play with a group. We lost power during Hurricane Irma for a day
so we gathered up our hurricane snacks,drinks,flashlights and Unauthorized for a little fun. Our
youth and children are going on a camping trip in a few weeks so we will be taking Unauthorized to
introduce to our group. Excited to see what God has in store for them.
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