Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Secret of The Hidden Scrolls

     Have you looked for Bible stories for your child but either found them to be too babyish or to

advanced? Well there's a new series written for kids from ages 6-9 by M.J. Thomas and we were  

given the opportunity to review the first two books. The Secret of The Hidden Scrolls is a series of

kids book suggested for ages 6-9 but Jacob, 18 and I both had a hard time putting the first two books

down. M.J. Thomas wrote these books after trying find something that would help his nine year old

son discover the Bible and grow in his faith. His son, Peter, was assigned a book report and after

searching various sites and libraries Mr. Thomas told his son his dilemma finding a book for him to

do his report on. Peter asked his dad "Why don't you just write one"? That was the beginning of the

adventures found in The Secret of The Hidden Scrolls.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

     Both of these books are published by WorthyKids/Ideals and can be purchased by going to their

site where you will be given several options of who these books can be acquired.

     These books take the reader back in time with Peter, Mary and their dog Hank to explore and

learn different Bible stories while they are staying with their great uncle. In

The Secret of The Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning (Book #1) these three are transported back in

time before Gods creation. They meet Michael, the angel, who tells them the rules and what they

need to do to solve the scroll's code to be able to go home. They find themselves witnessing the

creation of man, the world and all in/on it.....yes even that sneaky snake.

Jacob loved when the kids got to ride the rhinos and I would have to say Michael was one of my

favorite parts of this book because I could visualize what he looked like.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls

     The Secret of The Hidden Scrolls: Race To The Ark ( Book # 2) is a little more intense as there

are more clues for Peter, Mary and Hank the dog to find for solving the scroll. When they are first

transported back to the time of Noah they have a run in with some not so nice boys who have a wolf

for a pet. Eventually Peter, Mary and Hank the dog get away and find Michael the angel. They ask

Michael why he let them be in danger in the city with the boys. Michael responds with. "Remember

God is always with you". They have to help Noah and his family finish the ark and gather/load the

animals. There's always twist in the story to keep you on the edge of your seat. Jacob and I both

thought this was a good book with plenty of adventure.

What Did We Think?

     We both really liked both of these books and are ready for another one. They are short enough that

Jacob didn't feel like he would never reach the end. These books are great for independent reading

but I also think they would be awesome for a family read-out-loud. My father used to read books to

me even when I was able to read creating some good memories.

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